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Deon Sanders

Deion Sanders is an American professional football and baseball player. He is one of the few athletes in history to succeed in two professional sports. Deion Luwynn Sanders was born on August 9, 1967 in Fort Meyers, Florida, where he grew up with his mother and stepfather. His parents got divorced when he was really young. Deion loved almost all sports and he was good at all of them. When he was 8 years old he started playing football and even though he was very young, he still was a star. He was even playing teams with kids older than him and still did very well.

Another sport he played was baseball and he played that just as well as football. You might think that Deion didnt have any religion in his past life, but he did. He grew up going to church with his mother. He has never drank or smoked. Since both of his fathers were addicted to those things, he made a commitment to stay away from that. One day he was with some friends in a car and they were smoking pot. He told them that he didnt do that stuff and they left him alone. Throughout his high school years he played all different kinds of sports.

He played football, baseball, basketball and ran track. He was one of the best in all those sports. When he played for his high school basketball team he was the leading scorer, and earned the name Prime Time. After his four years playing for his high school team, it was time to start looking for a college. Since he wanted his mother to come see him play, his first pick of colleges was Florida State. He had great careers in all the sports he played in. Before his senior year at Florida State University (FSU), the Yankees took him, so he played professional baseball while in college.

While he was in college he decided he would stay away from cursing. So every time he cursed he would pay someone 5 bucks. In 1989 he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the first round. In 1996 when he was playing for the Cowboys and Reds he felt miserable, he said, After scoring touchdowns and dancing in the end zone, after a stadium full of cheering fans had finally gone home, I was still empty inside. Nothing was making him happy, he tried money, women, and just about everything. His marriage was bad, and his life was bad. Sometimes he would start crying in the middle of his practices.

It got so bad that on May 28, 1997 he drove his custom made car off a cliff. Thank God he survived. “I attempted suicide, but God had his hands on me,” Sanders said. “I ran the car off the cliff, and it was like a 40 … 30-foot drop. The car went down and hit and there wasn’t a scratch on me or on the car. ” His lawyer who is a Christian started talking to him about straightening out his life. Then one night at four in the morning something happened to him. He describes it like this: I was lying there in bed about four oclock in the morning when I was awakened by these awesome lights in my room.

In my testimony I say it was like a 747 had landed beside my bed, and there was this incredible rush of wind that felt like a helicopter had come in with it. I remember opening my eyes just the slightest bit and saying, God, if thats You, take me! Take me, Lord. and I was trembling all over. Before long it was silent and the lights disappeared, and later that night I got up and opened my bible to a passage that said, If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Thats Roman 10, versed 9 and 10, and the words hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew they were meant for me, and at that precise moment I was delivered. I put my trust in Jesus and asked Him into my life. And as soon as I realized what I had done I was so excited I had to tell somebody, so I got on the phone and called my attorney and said, Eugene, I did it Now Eugene must have been scared out of his mind, with me calling at that time of the night, especially after all Id been through during the past year.

So he said, What, Deion? What did you do? I said, I got saved! That was the beginning, and Eugene was excited to know Id found the Lord at last. But Ill never, never forget that experience. It was bright as Christmas, and it was like a real visitation from God. Things started to change after that. He was still going through all the mess, but the more he started getting into the Christian Life, the easier it was for him to deal with his problems.

He has faith in the lord that all the problems he is having will go away. Sanders is an extremely gifted and multitalented athlete, who on top of all his skills as a cornerback, punt returner and pass receiver, was also a major league baseball player. He is the only man in professional sports history to play in both a World Series (batting at a . 533 World Series clip with Atlanta in 1992) and in the Super Bowl (with victorious San Francisco and Dallas teams following the 1994 and 1995 seasons).

Sanders is the only man in NFL history who has recorded both a pass reception – a 47-yarder, the longest completion of the game in Super Bowl XXX – and an interception – returned for 15 yards in Super Bowl XXIX – in Super Bowl action. After helping the Cowboys win Super Bowl XXX, Sanders announced on Feb. 20, 1996 that he would only play football for the 1996 season, making this the first one-sport season of his professional athletic career, and so Sanders started a 16 regular season games at cornerback and another eight at wide receiver; becoming the first two-way starter in the NFL since the Eagles Chuck Bednarik, who retired in 1962.

At the end of the 1996 football season, Sanders returned to baseball, signing with the Cincinnati Reds and then returned to football on a full-time basis in September. Sanders is recognized as the league’s most dominant coverage cornerback. Sanders is capable of single-handedly taking half of the field away from opposing offenses, and, often, teams simply refuse to throw the football his way. His unmatched foot-speed, quickness and big-play ability make him a dangerous weapon every time he touches the ball.

In 1998 Sanders was on his way to enjoying the best season of his great career when he injured his toe in the Week 10 victory at Arizona. This put a stop to a very good season. Even with his injury he returned for the playoff loss to the Cardinals, and was named to his seventh NFC Pro Bowl squad (third with Dallas) as a cornerback and kick returner. That honor marked the second time he had been selected to the Pro Bowl at both positions.

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