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Character Analysis Of Nick Carraway In The Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby Nick Carraway seems like a genuine nice gentleman. Nick sees Gatsby as an inspiration and a good guy, but I don’t really think Gatsby is. I feel like he is more mysterious and as if he is hiding something. As the story progresses, we meet Tom Buchanan who I am not very fond of. He is very rude, snobby, and aggressive. He acts and believes that he deserves nothing but the best. Tom also isn’t a good husband or man to Daisy. It is mentioned that Tom takes Nick to his lovers house, which is where we meet Myrtle.

Neither Myrtle and Tom are happy with who they are with and have been cheating on their spouses. Tom and Daisy and Myrtle obviously don’t wanna be with their spouses so why are they together with them anyways and not with the people they want to be with? At the end of the second chapter they mention that Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose after she keeps calling out Daisy’s name. A man should never touch a girl in a physical and mean matter, never. Gatsby throws extravagant parties every weekend. None of Gatsby’s guests seem to know anything about Gatsby or his past, and maybe thats a good thing.

All his guests do is show up and get drunk and do it all over again the next weekend. Nick got invited to Gatsby’s party because it would give him a chance to meet with his neighbor who he knows absolutely nothing about. Also, I think that it was wonderful that Nick ran into Jordan because then he didn’t feel so uncomfortable at the party. Nick and Jordan seem to be getting pretty close as the book goes on. Nick talked to Gatsby and didn’t realize it, which was kind of funny.

They both talked about how they served in the same division during the war. Gatsby and Nick seemed to ave bonded, which was good because Gatsby doesn’t seem to have friends who he could talk to about life issues. I also thought that it was great to know that Gatsby opened up to Jordan about his past because then at least someone knows who he is. Nick states that he is such an honest person which | think will become a lie. I felt like Gatsby was lying to Nick when he told him about his past. Gatsby’s story of his past was that he was the son of wealthy deceased parents from San Francisco. Gatsby continued with telling Nick a lot of his accomplishments.

I felt like it was a good idea for Gatsby to show Nick his medal and a picture of him playing cricket at Oxford because like Nick, I was very suspicious as to whether all of what Gatsby was saying was true. I was glad to hear that Nick met with Jordan again. I was shocked to hear that Gatsby was in love with Daisy and that Gatsby insisted that Daisy’s marriage with Tom was fake because Daisy got really drunk the night before their wedding. I feel like all of Gatsby’s feelings for Daisy are sincere and he would do anything just to see her again. Gatsby did only move to West Egg just to be closer to Daisy.

Gatsby was becoming desperate to make Nick happy so that he’d agree to the plan of inviting Daisy over for tea. Gatsby was setting himself up for failure by becoming so desperate to meet Daisy again. Also, I feel like Gatsby is bribing Nick into becoming his friend rather than really developing a relationship with Nick. For example, Gatsby offers to have someone cut Nick’s grass and he offers Nick to join him in some business he does on the side. I felt like Gatsby was over reacting to inviting Daisy over. He was stressing himself out and telling himself that things would never be the same as they were.

I thought that Gatsby was trying to show off to Daisy when he showed her all of his most valuable possessions. It seemed like the only way Gatsby could win Daisy over was showing her how rich he was. Daisy and Gatsby still have feelings for each other but don’t know how their romance is going to continue because Daisy is married to Tom. Overall, I was glad that Gatsby and Daisy got a chance to reunite but I am uncertain if their love for each other will ever be the same as it was before Gatsby left for war. Daisy and Gatsby have gotten closer.

I thought that Myrtle’s death was tragic, and I suddenly felt sorry for Tom who lost so much in a short period of time. I didn’t expect it to be Daisy driving, the one who killed Myrtle. Tom bent over. When they said it was a big yellow car, I immediately knew that it was Gatsby’s car, but I didn’t think that it was Daisy that was driving it. When Gatsby said that Myrtle came at the car like she wanted to talk, she obviously thought Tom was in the car, and she was going to leave Wilson and go with Tom. Tom would still have Myrtle, if he didn’t let Daisy leave Gatsby. Poor Tom.

The thing that surprised me about Myrtle’s death was: Well, first Daisy turned away from the woman towards the other car, and then she lost her nerve and turned back. ‘I wonder if Daisy knew that she was Tom’s mistress. Or why else would she steer the wheel towards her? She must have figured it out since Tom stopped at the garage when they were going to New York and the woman came at them like she knew them, so Daisy must have figured it out. And that is why she steered the wheel towards her, she wanted her to disappear, and thought that this was the only way to make their troubles go away.

I mean she was rich and could do that right? The end of the chapter was so sad, for both Tom and Gatsby. Gatsby stood there, watching the house in case there was any trouble, but there was no trouble at all. Tom and Daisy were eating in the kitchen, Tom’s hand was on top of hers; they weren’t happy, but they weren’t unhappy either. It is even sadder when nobody shows up to Gatsby’s funeral except Gatsby’s father and Nick. None of his “close friends” bothered to show up, not even Daisy. It makes you realize how you have to be careful who you consider your real friends.

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