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Business Law Essay

1. Assume you were the member of the panel that presided over the academic misconduct hearing involving Zane Cobin. Given just the information provided in the case, how would you have voted at the conclusion of the hearing? Defend your answer. Answer: If I were one of the members in the panel at the conclusion of the hearing I would acquit vote for Corbin. Cobin shows a lot of efforts in order to win the up church medal.

2. Again, assume you were a member of the five – person panel appointed to review the charge of academic misconduct filed against Zane Cobin. What questions would you have posted to Zane, Professor Herrick, and professor Goggans during questions have affected your vote at the conclusion of the hearing? Answer: If I were a member of the five – person panel appointed to review the charge of academic misconduct against Zane Cobin; I would have to ask Cobin why he did not attend the Beta alpha Psi meeting by the time he received an e-mail since it shows he was active member in the organization.

3. Give the facts available in this case, do you believed the Upchurch Medal awarded to Zane Cobin should have been rescinded despite the outcome of the academic misconduct hearing? Why or why not? Answer: The facts available in this case are: Cobin was attended the orientation session in his junior year, went to two career fairs in the past two year also Cobin was a member for two years. I think no, Cobin should have been stay to see the result of the academic misconduct hearing because; Cobin has some facts available in this case.

4. Reportedly, one member of the hearing panel believed Zane was guilty of the charge filed against him but voted to acquit him because the adverse consequence Zane faced if the Upchurch medal was rescinded for outweighed the severity of he “indiscretion” he had committed. Was that reasonable or appropriate justification for voting to acquit Zane? Defend your answer. Answer: One member of the hearing panel believed Zane was guilty of the charge filed against him but voted. I think the reasonable or appropriate justification for voting to acquit Zane was the semester was effectively over.

5. The second member of hearing panel who voted to acquit Zane was not convinced the available evidence demonstrated “beyond reasonable doubt” that Zane was guilty of the charge filed against him. Was that an appropriate justification for voting o acquit Zane? Defend your answer. Answer: I think it was not appropriate justification for voting to acquit Zane. Student who satisfy those requirements can becoming a member of Beta Alpha Psi during the final meeting of spring semester therefore; Zane did not meet the qualification of having 3. 0 GPA, attend class orientations, attend five professional meeting and participating one community service are the requirement in order becoming a member in Beta Alpha Psi during the final meeting of spring semester.

6. Describe how an allegation of academic misconduct similar o the charge filed against Zane Cobin would be dealt with at your institution. Identify the strengths and weakness of the system in place at your institution to address such matters. Answer: In Texas Woman’s University hand book clearly state students integrity and academic dishonesty. As well as in each courses syllabus clearly stated students integrity and academic honesty. TWU has strong academic integrity most importantly the strength of Texas Woman’s University now in order to detect plagiarism assignment should submitted in turned in which is perfectly shows source of students work where etrieved from.

Case Study 6. 3 1. Place yourself in Hamilton Wong’s Position. Would you report all of your time worked on the Wille & Lomax audit? Why or why not? Do you believe that Lauren Hutchison behaved unethically by underreporting the time she worked on that engagement? Defend your answer. Answer: Yes, if I were Hamilton Wong I report all the time was spent on audit work. Since, the accurate time work has been done must be reported. Either reporting the right time or not it’s a principle for an individual how morally governed with it. I was wondering do they allow her to take the udit work at home. The amount of time she has been given was not enough. I am still questioning in order to determine is she wanted to stay under the time budget.

2. Academic research suggests that underreporting time on audit engagement is a common practice. What are the key objectives of tracking hours worked by individual accounts or assignments on audit engagement? What implications does the underreporting of time have four individual auditors, their colleagues, and the overall independent audits? Answer: Even if research suggests underreporting time on audit engagement is ommon; I do not think under reporting or over reporting work hours is ethical. I think the objectives of tracking work hours are important to know the time spent in the audit engagement that helps to the auditor during planning in order to allocate the time accurately and appropriately.

3. What measure can accounting firm take to ensure the time budget do not interfere the successful completion of an audit or become dysfunctional in other ways? Answer: Auditor deals the time budgeting process during planning phase. Auditor should know how much time to spent in one audit engagement herefor; auditor can measure the amount of work done by the given time frame. Also this year engagement will be a very good experience for next year especially in time budget allocation. 4. What measure can accounting firms take to reduce the likelihood that personal rivalries among auditors of the same rank will become dysfunctional? Answer: Of course, competition among employee is a very common cause of breaking down typical relationship among either auditors or employee. In order to reduce personal competitions among auditors accounting firms should impose policies and procedures.

Case Study 7. 4 1. As noted in this case, email messages generally have a “low expectation of privacy. ” What does that phrase mean and what implications does it have business professionals? Answer: Now a day technology is growing rapidly. Electronically communications (e-mail) is one of the technology we use it in our everyday life in business or personal life therefore; using technology has advantages and disadvantages. In this case low expectation of privacy mean to me it has less confidentiality. However, even if low expectation of privacy existed we still use all kinds of electronic communication. The implication in usiness professional use of internet fundamentally on cautiously keeps the stability of individual right and common duties.

2. What ethical or professional standard should auditors consider when writing email messages and when communicating on social media networks? What consequences may auditors face if they violet those standards? Answer: Frist of all auditors directed by audit standard public or nonpublic. Standard issued by AICPA and PCAOB. When auditors writing email message throughout social media networks since they are highly professional Auditor should know what to post in a social edia or not. It is very important what they post or type in a social media. Most of the time violation of standard should not happen because auditors governed by the GAAS Generally Accepted Audit Standard this standards basically deals with the auditor responsibly, behavior which is commonly the integrity, and ethics.

3. The young lady identified as “Glory” in this case was less than enthused with the work role and work environment of independent auditing. What measures should college students take to reduce the likelihood of choosing a job or professional role that is unsuitable for them?

Answer: Eventually Glory has less interest for her job. Based on her experience she just doesn’t respect her work place, her responsibilities as well as auditing profession. I do not think college student listen her bad experience college student have their own judgmental skills either to choose the auditing roll. 4. Place yourself in Glory’s position. How would you have communicated your decision to resign? Answer: First of all, if I were Glory I do not do what she does. I would rather write a formal resignation letter that shows I resign from the position.

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