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Benjamin Franklin, one of the most amazing men history has recorded

Ben Franklin was one of the most amazing men history has recorded. Throughout his lifetime he continued to increase his already genius-level intelligence. He had a high quality of life, was a popular political figure, and he strongly believed in his thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. While he wasnt perfect, that was what he struggled to attain. Bens achievements are very numerous. Apart from being a genius after only 2 years of schooling, his other achievements show that he was an overpolitiachiever. Some of Bens achievements are literature-based. For example, he printed the first novel published in America.

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He also started the first circulating library in America. Also, year after year, he wrote and published Poor Richards Almanac. Those werent his only achievements though. He organized the first hospital, started mail delivery, organized the first fire company, that is, firefighters; and was a city representative, too! All this is just more proof of him being an overachiever. Because of Franklins many inventions and experiments, our lives today are better. Ben made the first copperplate printing press in America, a chair with a built in table for writing, and a chair that turned into a step ladder for his library.

He also invented the odometer, a heating unit called the Pennsylvania Stove, the lightning rod, bifocals, an electricity generator, and the armonica. By experimenting, he proved that dark materials absorb more than light materials, proved lightning was electricity, and did many more experiments with static and regular electricity. He also introduced artificial fertilizer and discovered lead poisoning. We all should be grateful for how he has improved our lifestyle today. Bens childhood started out like anyone elses, but when he became around age 10, he started to become different.

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1706. The 15th of 17 children, school was not cheap, so he only got to go for 2 years. He started out making soap and candles, but after expressing that he didnt like that, he would like to write, he became apprenticed to his brother, James, who was a printer. James wouldnt publish Bens work, so he submitted it under the name Mrs. Silence Dogood. When James found out, Ben ran away to Philadelphia, Where he would marry and live the majority of the rest of his life.

Ben started writing as a small boy, when most adults were illiterate. That and reading must have increased his intelligence to its genius state. Ben Franklin surely was amazing. He found time and money for all he wanted and agreed to do, which was a lot. Without him, Thomas Edison could not have the electricity to create the light bulb. Without him, certain people would have a hard time seeing things close/far away with the same glasses. Without him, we would have no way to tell how many miles are on our cars. Surely, Ben Franklin was magnificent.

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