A look at the lifecycle of a butterfly

Butterflies are a unique insect because they have a life cycle that comes in four distinct stages. Each of these stages has a drastically different appearance. These four stages are the egg stage, the larva stage, the pupa stage and finally the fourth stage, where the butterfly finally appears. This cycle is called the butterfly … Read more

Literary Analysis of Naguib Mahfouz’s Book, The Norwegian Rat With Regards To Personal Liberty and Government Letdown

Naguib Mahfouz, a pioneering Arabic author, expresses his frustration with government through themes of individual freedoms in society and the ineffectiveness of government within his short story, The Norwegian Rat. Born on December 11, 1911, Naguib Mahfouz was the youngest of seven in a middle-class family, raised by a strict and religious father. Mahfouz witnessed … Read more

Overview Of The Blue-Streaked Lory

The Blue-streaked Lory is a medium measured parrot of around 12 inches and is likewise called Blue-necked Lory. It is endemic in Tanimbar Islands in Maluku, Indonesia. It got its name from the groups of various shades of blue in various parts of the body; blue/purple stripe from eye crosswise over ear coverts and to … Read more

Investigation of the Hook-Billed Hermit Hummingbird

Hook-Billed Hermit Hummingbirds Hummingbirds are small, colorful birds that come in various sizes and colors. The hook-billed hermit hummingbird belongs to the Trochilidae family, which includes over 300 other species of birds as well. It can flap its wings about 80 times per second! This makes a humming noise, which is where its name comes … Read more


I found myself repeating a phrase I had heard throughout a childhood spent substantially on the back of a horse. “No hour of life is wasted that is spent on the saddle”, I wondered as I stretched my limbs mounting the four-legged soul, its ears twitching back and forth to the echoes of sound in … Read more

A Killer Whale Study

Killer Whales The orca, or the killer, whale is one of the most well-known and most majestic of the sea. Belonging to the dolphin family, the killer whale is found all over the worlds oceans and has been the object of study by many animal researchers over the past few decades. Killer whales are unique … Read more

A Narrative of My Love for Animals and How They Have Strengthened My Compassion for All Living Things

I am an animal-lover. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I stare at furry, fluffy creatures and respond with the typically long “Awwwww,” although I admit that I’ve been guilty of this on several occasions. My adoration for animals surpasses the superficial admiration of their cute appearance and the usual appreciation of their friendly nature. To … Read more

Overview Of The Vasa Parrot

The Vasa parrot shares nearly a similar body size of African Grays, with the previous having longer legs and neck. Be that as it may, these physical characteristics change significantly amid the fall season, wherein these species turn out to be relatively unrecognizable. Most fledgling species change hues by shedding, yet female Vasa parrots do … Read more

Violence Against Animals In SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Shut Down Aquariums Immediately For a long time the public has been outraged over SeaWorld entertainment parks and those affiliated with them. Recently, SeaWorld announced that they will no longer breed Killer Whales, but there’s a twist. SeaWorld made the public believe they agreed to stop breeding to treat animals fairly, but they only agreed … Read more


Whitefish is a common fish of the freshwater. It is extremely delicious and appeals to a wide variety of people all across the globe because it is also low cost and safe to consume in comparison to other sea foods. However, it is not only for the taste that it is famous there are certain … Read more

The Painful Experiences of Animals in the Zoos

Zoos: Behind the Bars Imagine a wild animal, for example an elephant. It has all the freedom in the world. Suddenly, the elephant is trapped and taken away from its family. It is put in a small crate, unable to move, starving, and alone for what seems like years. When the elephant is finally let … Read more

Horses and grid work 

When young horses are introduced to jumping, it is important they are already established in their flatwork up to a certain point. They must be responsive to the riders aids, if not this could put the horse and rider at risk because the rider may not be able to stop the horse if something goes … Read more

The Extinction of Pyrenean Ibex

Pyrenean Ibex were wild goats that lived in the mountain areas of Europe, north-central Asia, and northern Africa. According to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System, there are five species of Ibex (Bradford, 2014). These species were one of the two subspecies of Spanish Ibex that went extinct. The scientific name of Pyrenean Ibex is Capra … Read more

How The Australian English Language Has Been Influenced

The Australian English language contains many unique and incomparable qualities that sets it apart from other forms of the English language. The Australian language that is recognized today developed from the British English language in the early 1800’s. Overtime as the country grew and developed, so did its language. The country formed its own, separate … Read more

Bourke’s Parakeet

The plumage shade of a Bourke’s parakeet is essentially dark colored. Its bosom down to the stomach zone is pink while the back end is blue in shading. The legs are dull dark colored. Both male and female have yellowish dark colored bill. The sex of this specie can be outwardly decided as the male … Read more

Choices Between Right and Wrong in George Orwell’s Shooting an Elephant

Shooting an Elephant AREDE Writer George Orwell, in his narrative essay, “Shooting an Elephant”, describes a police officer, in Burma, shooting an elephant and his internal struggle with the shooting of it. Orwell’s purpose is to create duality and emphasize the choices between right and wrong. He uses a contradictory tone in order to create … Read more

The care about animal welfare

This topic is to create awareness among the people about the care, management and nutrition of pets as well as stray animals (street animals). I believe that animals have feelings like humans too so, caring about animal welfare is kindhearted thing to do. Animals are planets most vulnerable inhabitants so, they deserve our strongest support … Read more

Experiences of Illusions in An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, a Short Story by Ambrose Bierce

A Real Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge? Sometimes reality is not as true as originally thought. Dreams, imaginings and illusions can look quite real. They are not always real though, and can be deceiving. The short story named “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce is a familiar example of an illusion. The … Read more

The Significance of The Houston Zoo in Promoting Awareness

The Houston Zoo is both a conservation and rehabilitation place for animals and education source for kids and adults alike. They provide easy to understand information about the animals that reside at the zoo. This is mainly done through the means of plaques, boards, and electronics devices that are stationed near the animal exhibits. Along … Read more

Bird Watching – A Hobby with A Cause

Bird watching as a hobby has long been contested by the birders, saying that the two are not in any way the same. While birdwatchers do such as part of an activity during recreation, birders are into it with intense dedication. The Birders May it be in the UK or in the United States, birders … Read more

The Story of The Lady, or the Tiger

The story The Lady, or the Tiger? reveals foreshadowing in the beginning when the king’s arena is introduced stating that, “When a subject was accused of a crime of sufficient importance to interest the king, public notice was given that on an appointed day the fate of the accused person would be decided in the … Read more

The Use of Imagery to Portray the Flaws in India’s Social and Political Conditions in The White Tiger, a Novel by Aravind Adiga

A White Tiger in the Rooster Coop Aravind Adiga uses animal imagery in The White Tiger to illustrate flaws in the social and political conditions of India. The title itself, and later Balram’s taxi company, is the first example we see of animal imagery. He further compares the social system of India to a jungle, … Read more

The Once and Future King: “The Ants” Summary

The Once and Future King: A Synopsis of “The Ants” Although he protests, the Wart is confined to his chamber for three days straight as treatment for his broken collarbone. The only company the Wart would ever have was at night time when Kay would visit. Merlyn would teach the Wart some lessons by shouting … Read more

The Importance of the Horse Culture in Mongolia

Like A Bird Without The Wings A Historical Analysis of Horses Throughout The Mongolian Empire. It was commonly said of the Mongolians that “to see a Mongolian without a horse is like a bird without the wings.” The horse was integral to the success of the Mongolians, and was responsible for the sheer size of … Read more

A Reflection of Being a Director in Catching the Big Fish, a Memoir by David Lynch

In his memoir Catching The Big Fish, David Lynch reflects on himself as a director. Additionally, he discusses various arts outside of cinema. Though he provides insight into his other arts, an analysis on how these arts overlap and influence each other is unfortunately absent. Lynch doesn’t provide description of his work but only describes … Read more

Farley Mowat’s A Whale for the Killing, The People of the Deer, and Never Cry Wolf’s Depiction of the Significance of Naturalism

Farley Mowat’s three novels Never Cry Wolf (1963), The People of the Deer (1952), and A Whale for the Killing all agree on the role of naturalism, the plight of the animal, the commercialization of hunting, ruthlessness of man, and survival of the fittest. Mowat records that “my early years as a naturalist were free … Read more

The Similarities and Differences in Describing What Happens You Observe Birds in Ornithological Biographies and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Simple events in our lives are often overlooked by our rushed and demanding lives. John James Audubon’s Ornithological Biographies and Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek show what happens when one stops to smell the roses, or rather, watch the birds. Although describing similar events, the authors differ in their descriptions and views of, what … Read more

Defense Mechanism Used in Animals

Concoction fighting alludes to utilization of synthetic substance as a weapon for barrier reason. A few predators utilize concoction fighting to assault their prey. For instance, creepy crawlies and toxic snakes utilize venom to deaden their prey and to dissuade their predators.Some prey species dishearten predators with synthetic substances that are noxious (oleander plants)and aggravating … Read more

Sundiata, a Story of the Lion King

Sundiata is a story of the Lion King. It is a part of the oral tradition of storytelling in West African culture. This story specifically originates from the Mali Empire or Manding Empire, which dominated West Africa from about 1230 to 1600 CE. North African scholar Ibn Battuta visited it 1352. He described it as … Read more

The Features Of The Belgian Canary

They are long and thin fowls with a mound pose taking after the state of a bow moon. They are known as “type canary” which implies being reproduced for its compose as opposed to its aptitudes or shading (see: American vocalist canary). They are reared in hues white, yellow, and green. They are additionally called … Read more

Principles of Dog Training

As a dog owner, making your dog listen to you can be stressful. There are many methods to teach a dog to respond to commands, but the most commons are: operant conditioning that uses stimulus, punishment, reinforcement, social learning, and observational learning. This methods have the effectiveness to change the dog’s behavior according to the … Read more