Organizational Citizenship Behavior

In an organization, certain behaviors are anticipated from an employee that is dependent on the organization’s rules and regulations. However, employees tend to do things that are beyond their responsibilities and exhibit these behaviors out of their own desire. This is what we call Organizational Citizenship Behavior. This behavior includes acts like helping others, adding … Read more

High Performance Organization (HPO) Framework

High Performance Organization (HPO) Framework The High Performance Organization (HPO) Framework is a conceptual, scientifically validated structure that managers can use for deciding what to focus on in order to improve organizational performance and make it sustainable. The HPO Framework is not a set of instructions or a recipe that can be followed blindly. Rather … Read more

My first day of work

Names are forgotten, faces become blur, memories fade away. Time does that, I thought with time her memory would fade away, but it did not! The days that followed were busy and my mind occupied, but I couldn’t help it when every now and then I would stop everything I was doing and think about … Read more

Human Resource Management: Pros & Cons Of Diversity In Workplace

Human Resource Management is a process that helps to manage the human talent to accomplish the objective of an organization. People play a crucial role in an organization. They provide inspiration,vision, motivation that help an organization to alive. People provide the skills and competencies that are necessary to achieve an organization goal. Moreover, they offer … Read more

OLD FIRM: clubs rivalry

The old firm is the collective name for the Scottish clubs rivalry. Celtic and rangers are both based in Glasgow, the origin of the term is unclear but may derive from the two clubs initial match which the commentators referred to the teams as like ‘to old firm friends’. The rivalry between the two clubs … Read more

Stakeholder impact analysis

Stakeholders are those who are directly or indirectly related to the business and also business can influence their life positively or negatively. Businesses success or failure can be result of their prosperity as well. For a construction industry, the number and variety of stakeholder is vast. Here the stakeholders of construction industry are separated into … Read more

Review of the Pros and Cons of the Negotiation Process between Employer and Employees

Introduction In light of several highly publicized strikes in the past few years in Dubai and specifically in the construction industry, the Gulf Cooperative Council member nations, including the UAE, are discussing the possible formation of trade unions. The most important purpose of trade unions is to be able to reach collective agreements between workers … Read more

Direct, structural and cultural violence

The discussion of direct violence, structural violence and cultural violence in this chapter is relatively straightforward, focusing on the direct violence of the killings, the structural violence of the Nazi occupation and the restrictions placed on the farmer and the cultural violence in Landa’s descriptions of Jews as “vermin” (linking them to the Bubonic Plague), … Read more

A Culture Of Compliance

What makes a good compliance culture can be deconstructed into multiple components yet it is instantly recognizable. It is strong and functional yet in no way hinders the development of profitable new business and can adapt to market, technological or regulatory change. A good compliance culture is represented across all levels of the organization ensuring … Read more

Workplace Spirituality In India

Nobody ever thought that Spirituality could get related to management. The two fields which were entirely different from each other today are seeking lot of recognition and it seems as if they are gelling pretty well with each other. One of a new dimension in management studies and research approaches is Workplace Spirituality which is … Read more

Sweatshops: a Positive Side

Sweatshops is a working environment, in which people living under poverty get opportunity to earn some money for their survival. Many organizations are dependent on the sweatshops to make profit. It is true that factories get benefits from worker by providing them less salary. On the other hand, the people who are uneducated with no … Read more

The importance of teamwork

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” The above proverb by Henry Ford can very well highlight the importance of working together in teams. The ability to work in teams is one of the most vital soft skills that often taught in universities to be applied in the business … Read more

Workplace ethics and whistleblowing: Lying about the conduct of a co-worker

Ethics are the ethical rules that drive a person’s conduct. Individuals have individual ethics in numerous parts of their lives. Working environment ethics are, by definition, the ethical rules that guide a man’s activities in the work environment. Moral models can differ from industry to industry, and from position to position inside an industry. They … Read more

The Importance Of IT Governance Planning

IT Governance helps the organization to keep transparency. In current world, IT plays a prominent role which helps to increase governance practices. IT governance will have leadership structure which helps organization to function in a hasty manner. As it is part of enterprise governance, and with enterprise governance we need to know the organization goals. … Read more

Critical Reflection On Providing Supervision And Mentoring Support To Others Within The Work Place Through Teaching, Learning And Assessment

The purpose of this essay is to critically reflect on providing supervision and mentoring support to others within the work place through teaching, learning and assessment. Evidence will be drawn from knowledge and understanding of theories and principles in practice of supervising and mentoring people within the work place, and how it fits into the … Read more

Building Teamwork in Workplace

As Unilever is a team they have a mission and a vision, they have ambitious plans to grow their business while reducing their overall environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact, and only through partnering with you, their suppliers will be sustainable and profitable growth to be achievable. Unilever has a team agenda selling … Read more

Managerial issues of a networked organization

Today’s Organizations all over the world, are making use of information systems, forming a network virtually for carrying out and managing their day to day operations, interacting with their customers and suppliers to give an organization an upper hand in competitive markets. These Information systems collaborate with organizations in integrating the data, Storing and processing … Read more

Employee Retention Strategies In Jetblue Airline

Abstract This paper empirically explores the elements that influence employee retention in the JetBlue America; the components that will be researched are benefits, service, quality characteristic, recognizable wellbeing, consumer loyalty, reward program, relationship responsibility and client reliability. The outcomes recommend that there is a positive connection between client retention and the related variables, although not … Read more

An Evaluation of the McDonald V. Santa Fe Trail Transportation Case in Respect to Staff Treatment at Work

Employee treatment at workplace has been a huge issue over the years with significant focus on the need to develop a crucial understanding on how employers are expected to engage their employees. Unexplained dismissals have been a source of concern to employees who are unable to concentrate on their overall performance within an organizational environment. … Read more

An Empirical Research of Corporate Ethics in Business’ Performance and Profitability

Below are views of the world’s famous CEOs about ethics in business in an interview conducted by Robert Reiss of Forbes: Dan Amos, Chairman and CEO, Aflac, 11 time recipient of Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies award and the leader in voluntary insurance sales at the worksite in the U.S. Timothy Erblich, CEO, Ethisphere Institute, … Read more

Unemployment Problem, Its Cascading Effect And Solutions To Tackle The Issue From Different Angles

Introduction Unemployment is a critical social and economic problem in both developed and developing countries. Recent survey shows that Arab youth consider unemployment as a serious problem and a big social concern. This report discusses and defines the unemployment problem, its cascading effect and suggests solutions to tackle the issue from different angles. Definition of … Read more

Personal Ideal Workplace

Growing up in Japan, I had the immense privilege of experiencing a culture very much centered on high levels of respect, honor, and hard work. Being surrounded by these cultural attitudes has allowed me to develop a somewhat different approach to the professional arena. While working at my mother’s clinic in Japan I developed an … Read more

Organizational culture types

Types of Organizational Cultures Organizational culture is a way in which organizational members relate to each other, their work and the external environment in comparison to other organizations. The strategy of an organization can be enabled or hindered by its cultures (Hofstede). In explaining the types of cultures, Hofstede starts with the means-oriented and goal … Read more

Concepts of Employee Work Commitment

Commitment is viewed as an attitude towards the organization that links the identity of the individual to the entity. According to Meyer and Allen (1991) commitment is a psychological state that characterizes the employee’s relationship with the organization and has implications for the decision to continue membership in the organization. Meyer and Allen (1997) extended … Read more

Magnetorheological (MR) materials structure

Magnetorheological (MR) materials are smart-composite materials that are usually Comprised of highly magnetizable micron sized particles (up to 50% volume) dispersed into a non-magnetizable fluid medium. This arrangement means the fluid exhibits a reversible and practically instant transition from a low viscosity liquid to a virtually solid state with exact controllability once placed under an … Read more

Internally Consistent Job Structures

Job Descriptions This section illustrates an overview of the different positions offered by e-sonic. It comes up with a detailed description of each position in a way that suits the needs of the organization. Executive Assistant Summary. The profile of an Executive Assistant includes the ability to perform high-level administrative tasks such as conducting researches, … Read more

The impact of management and leadership styles on individuals and teams

Leadership styles have significant effects not only in small businesses but also in the world’s largest corporations. These styles affect everyone from senior management to the newest college intern. They create the corporate culture that influences the organisation and it’s performance. Leadership style impacts the organization by affecting employee morale, productivity, decision-making speed, and metrics. … Read more

Hot Topic: Employees with a Passion

Hot topic differs from other companies due to its motivations and passions, therefore making this company a successful retailer in the market. Hot Topics passions is attributed to music while Torrid embeds itself in fashion. Because of these clear concepts Hot Topic employees can use their skills to connect with their customers. The average age … Read more