Famous Democratic Leaders In The World

A democratic leader is the one who involves taking all opinions into consideration when making a decision based on others’ input and sharing out the responsibility equally. Following is a list of famous democratic leaders in the world. Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was a freedom activist and an influential political leader who played a great … Read more

Graham Vs Connor

The subjects of use of force and search-and-seizures are controversial topics in the media regarding the Criminal Justice field today. Many instances are sensationalized in the media. However, there are instances of note which has mostly gone unheard of by the people. In 1989 Graham v. Connor came before the United States Supreme Court, a … Read more

What It Means To Be Habesha

Ethiopia’s numerous tribes joined together in a culture of unity can be said to be very much Habesha. The term has many connotations, depending on who is asked. Habesha ultimately comes from a place other than Ethiopia. For this reason, it could be said Ethiopia’s culture found in religion, art, and politics also has been … Read more

The Importance of History

What is History? There are many important steps that lead to the conclusion that all of history is an interpretation. Because history is an account of what happened in the past, we cannot know anything else but what was recorded. So, in reality, the only real factual history is what the witness of an event … Read more

Influence Of Colonialism On Nigeria

Colonialism is a consistent theme within the history of Africa. It laces through the formative tapestry of the majority of African states today including Nigeria. Lagos was invaded by British forces in 1851 and formally annexed in 1861. Nigeria became a British territorial dominion in 1901. When at the start adopting associate indirect rule approach, … Read more