Hardship of Black Teenagers Shift to Maturity As Described In, Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison and The Man Who Was Almost a Man By Richard Wright

In Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal” and Richard Wright’s “The Man Who Was Almost a Man,” two young black American teens nearing the age of adulthood in a time where their race was neglected and looked down upon struggle to understand the lessons of their youth as they each experience firsthand the consequences that follow each … Read more

G.K Chesterton’s Look at the Transition of Gabriel Syme as a Character in His Book, Man Who Was Thursday

Transformation of Gabriel Syme Gabriel Syme, one of the undercover detectives in Chesterton’s novel, The Man Who Was Thursday , underwent a personal transition throughout the novel. His attitude, actions, and views (entire self) shifted from the beginning of the strange sequence of events to the end of his adventure. When Syme is first introduced, … Read more