An Analysis of the Success of Lazy Moon Pizza

Lazy Moon, a pizza joint, that recently opened up by the University of Central Florida campus, and is known for the slices of pizza larger than your face, has become the new fad. Lazy Moon pizza has descended through its ancestors over the years, and is thriving in all the cities it has built. It’s … Read more

My Job at Johnny’s Pizza

My job at Johnny’s Pizza is to make sure everything runs smoothly rather than focusing on only one responsibility. When opening the store the employees and I are expected to be at work at eight that morning to prepare for the lunch buffet that evening. As we arrive we are clocked in upon time of … Read more

An Executive Summary on My Pizza Delivery Company

Pizza Drone© Executive Summary My company will deliver pizzas to consumers through an already established company by using drones. We will succeed because we will use hydrogen fuel as our power making the drone fly for two hours on the same weight of fuel and is refueled faster. . There are not patents on drones; … Read more