What is Similarity Measures?

Semantic Similarity Semantic similarity is a metric defined over a set of documents or terms, where the idea of distance between them is based on the likeness of their meaning or semantic content as opposed to similarity which can be estimated regarding their syntactical representation (e.g. their string format). These are mathematical tools used to … Read more

Semantics as the Field of Linguistics

Introduction Semantics is the field of linguistics concerned with the study of meaning in language. Linguistic semantics has been defined as the study of how languages organize and express meanings. Oddly, says R.L. Trask, some of the most important work in semantics was being done from the late 19th century onwards by philosophers [rather than … Read more

Works on analysis of word organization overview

The distinction among linguistic structures in two languages described as comparative analysis, such as differentiation between phonetic and syntax patterns (Longman Dictionary of English 1978). Linguistics sameness among languages is more than differences. As, Haliday described that In the language under use the important unit is not only word or structure but text, a text … Read more

Babel-Fish Earbud Translators

Abstract This paper explores published articles from online resources (internet) that depict a probable solution to near real-time language translation in support of targeting, situational understanding, and/or information collection. As technology shrinks the distance between nationalities and cultures, language remains a barrier that still prevents a shared understanding between the pair. This paper will examine … Read more