Works on analysis of word organization overview

The distinction among linguistic structures in two languages described as comparative analysis, such as differentiation between phonetic and syntax patterns (Longman Dictionary of English 1978). Linguistics sameness among languages is more than differences. As, Haliday described that In the language under use the important unit is not only word or structure but text, a text … Read more

Comparison of Lao Tzu’s and Machiavelli’s Philosophical View on Government an Power

Philosophers have waxed long and eloquent on the ideal government and therefore the ideal sovereign; this short essay will serve to compare two works on the subject, Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching and Machiavelli’s The Prince. This paper will analyze three main points of contention between these authors. First, it will consider the author’s view … Read more

Semantics as the Field of Linguistics

Introduction Semantics is the field of linguistics concerned with the study of meaning in language. Linguistic semantics has been defined as the study of how languages organize and express meanings. Oddly, says R.L. Trask, some of the most important work in semantics was being done from the late 19th century onwards by philosophers [rather than … Read more

What is Similarity Measures?

Semantic Similarity Semantic similarity is a metric defined over a set of documents or terms, where the idea of distance between them is based on the likeness of their meaning or semantic content as opposed to similarity which can be estimated regarding their syntactical representation (e.g. their string format). These are mathematical tools used to … Read more

The Globalization of Japanese Popular Culture

Globalization of the popular culture entails the examination of the ongoing evolution from a new and challenging perspective, through taking a keen observation of the movements of the popular culture into and out of Japan. From a multidisciplinary approach, scholars have noted that the changing nature of Japanese popular culture lies in its engagement with … Read more

The Greek goddess Artemis

Artemis, the greek goddess of chastity, virginity, childbirth, wilderness, hunt, the moon, and the natural environment. Daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of the god Apollo. Artemis was born on the island of Ortygia also known as Delos, where Leto had found shelter to give birth to her twins after being hunted down by … Read more

Swahili language

Swahili is a African spoken language spoken by four different nations and many countries. I am going to share with you information about where Swahili is spoken, how many people speak Swahili, the different cultures that speak Swahili, Where Swahili was originally spoken, and the alphabet of the Swahili language. Rather than any other sub-saharan … Read more

Review on DELE exams

The DELE or Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language are official titles which certify test takers’ level of understanding and command of the Spanish language, and which are granted by the Instituto Cervantes in the name of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport of Spain. DELE exams follow the Common European Framework of … Read more

Lisa Delpit’s View On Different Languages, Stereotyping And How Students And Teachers Relate In Other People’s Children

I am a white female and attended a high school that had a total minority enrollment percentage of only 18%. Growing up in a town with few minorities I never really witnessed any acts of racism. Up until this course I was pretty sheltered and unaware there are still inconsistencies and unfairness between different cultures … Read more

Features of C Language

C is very simple and easy language. C language is mainly used for develop desktop based application. All other programming language were derived directly or indirectly from C programming concept. C is widely used language. It is provides a lot of features that are given blow. Simple Powerful Platform dependent Case sensitive Compiler Based Syntax … Read more

Babel-Fish Earbud Translators

Abstract This paper explores published articles from online resources (internet) that depict a probable solution to near real-time language translation in support of targeting, situational understanding, and/or information collection. As technology shrinks the distance between nationalities and cultures, language remains a barrier that still prevents a shared understanding between the pair. This paper will examine … Read more

TOP LANGUAGES: The World’s 10 most influential Languages

One hardly risks controversy with the statement that today English was a more influential language world-wide than Yanomami. To a child’s question why that should be so, the well-informed parental brush-off would be that English had hundreds of millions of speakers while Yanomami could with difficulty scratch together 16,000. Really difficult and well-informed off-spring could … Read more

Global Hindi and Indian Culture

ABSTRACT Every language with its own attributes, in today’s world, in today’s century, in today’s time, serves as a method of communication, as a tool for civilization, as a weapon for evolution, as a knot for globalization. Hindi, as such, portrays direct resemblance to inheritance of Indian culture, customs, traditions and identity. Immigration of generations … Read more

Results of using non-standard English in a workplace

Communication may be perceived as a many-sided phenomenon that denotes dissimilar ideas to different individuals. Accordingly, using non-standard English in the workplace may defeat the primary objective of the organization because workers may misinterpret different concepts, and, as a result, create communication barriers (Odine 1616). This development is common in the case in enterprises where … Read more

Endangered Languages Must Be Preserved From Extinction from The Heritage and Cultural Perspective

Endangered languages belong to a class of people mostly identified as indigenous. These peoples often employ a peculiar language unshared by another tribe or community, are what is defined as socially disadvantaged, nomadic or isolated from the rest of humanity, practice animism or ancestral worship, rely on nature for sustenance by participating in primitive culture … Read more

Analysis of Orwell's "Politics and The English Language

The content in Orwell’s thesis states that political language is watering down our very own English language, and when this occurs language withdraws the depth and quality of your personal thoughts. This causes a significant downturn in overall communication abilities as well as intelligence. In his essay, Orwell catalogues a few of the more prominent … Read more

Usage of Technology in Language Classrooms

This paper entitled ‘Usage of Technology in Language Classrooms’envisages on the major role that technology plays in aiding the manual teacher to deliver the lessons with both information and entertainment. The importance of English language and the different techniques adopted for effective teaching along with the advantages and limitations are briefly discussed in this paper. … Read more

Annotated Bibliography on Language Barrier

The qualitative study of Landmark and her team was participated by Norwegian physicians and patients as they explored series of recordings of physician’s prescribed therapy to their respective patients. Through these records, the presence of a patient-centered care and a shared decision making approaches were analyzed using 380 video-recorded patient-doctor interactions. Of these, 18 records … Read more

The Official Language of the Philippines

In the Philippines, Spanish was the official language for many years starting from the 16th century until 1973. The Philippine constitution designated English and Spanish as official languages in 1935, but mandated the development and adoption of a common national language based on one of the existing native languages. Due to the American administration during … Read more

What Is Kamikaze, “The Divine Wind” And All About It

What is Kamikaze? Kamikaze is a Japanese word that directly translates to ‘Divine Wind’. In 1281, when Mongol fleets were attacking Japan, a mysterious typhoon appeared out of nowhere and completely eradicated the Mongol fleets. [Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016] The Japanese saw this typhoon as a gift from the gods, and named it ‘Divine Wind’ or … Read more

OUTCOMES OF BILINGUALISM TROUGH FRENCH IMMERSION: How beneficial are the French immersion programs? 

Our world is becoming increasingly multilingual. Many children are being raised as bilinguals. Bilingualism is a necessity, as a child’s parents may not be fluent in the majority language spoken in the community. Therefore, the child may learn one language at home and another at school. In many cases bilingualism is a choice, and parents … Read more

The Comparisons And Contrasts Of Japanese And Filipino Eating Etiquettes

Asian countries are known for their rich culture and traditions. They are still very much connected with their customs that are passed on from previous generations. Although there have been various modern technologies and other development, some traditions are still maintained. Japan is a first world country hence; their cultures are very authentic and preserved. … Read more

The Future of the English Language

It is considered that English would like to become a lingua franca without clear cut between formal and informal languages and there will be increasingly more varieties of Englishes. However, it is impossible that the varieties of English used in different parts of the world will fragment into various unintelligible languages. In this essay, these … Read more