The nature of k-drama viewership beyond South Korea

The popularity of Hallyu or Korean wave as an effective soft power mechanism has been of great interest to recent scholarship. The Hallyu wave gained its current momentum mainly due to the export of K-Dramas, that is dramas whose country of origin is South Korea. In such scenario, understanding the reason of popularity of K-dramas … Read more

South Korea saunas

Other ways to raise our core temperature are saunas, hot baths and steam rooms. Many cultures around the world believe in the healing effects of varying degrees of hot and cold therapy. In South Korea (and in Korean immigrant communities in the Western world), it is a common wellness practice to visit a jjimjilbang. Many … Read more

Korean Pop Music

The Korean Pop Music (K-Pop) has its own way to connect to its fans both in Asia and the world. K-Pop is a whole production industry that comes with high profiled artists, variety of music genres, videos and well-choreographed dances. K-Pop is a well packaged industry of music as it contains singing, dances and rapping. … Read more

Korean food culture

According to Oxford dictionary, the definition of culture is the art and manifestations such as humanities, literature, music and painting of human intellectual acquirement considered common. It is also set of learned behaviours, beliefs, values and ideas that are feature of particular population. In culture societies can learn norms, values, knowledge, language and symbols that … Read more