The principle of Falsifiability

The principle of Falsifiability with term ’Falsification’ is introduced by Popper which is a theory is disproved be empirical observations that contradict the implications of that theory. This theory came out to refute the logical positivism’s induction method. For example, a given statement ’ All sapphire is blue’ is considered true in general, however Popper … Read more

The Donahue Levitt hypothesis

The Donahue Levitt hypothesis is the relationship that legalized abortion has on crime rates. The researchers suggested that children who are not wanted or are not sufficiently supported by their parents are more than likely to become criminals. The study also found that there is an inverse correlation between crime rates and how readily available … Read more

What are The Falsifiers?

The falsifiers consider the scientific theories to be hypothetical and temporary hypotheses that are presented freely and creatively to solve problems that the previous theory faces or to explain the new observational phenomena. Therefore, at the discovery stage, there is no need for induction and generalization of observations. On the other hand, in this perspective, … Read more

Evaluating Of The Strong Form Of The Efficient Market Hypothesis

In this essay I am going to be critically analyzing the validity of the strong form of the efficient market hypothesis whilst evaluating the Efficient Market Hypothesis, to determine the credibility of it today. To be able to critically analyze the Strong Form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, I will first define the hypothesis, its … Read more