The Factors That Determine the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity of an Individual

What factors determine an individual’s sexual orientation and gender identity? Sexual orientation and gender identity are social constructs based on normative social roles and a strong desire to place individuals into binary categories. Sexual orientation and the research of queer identities is largely incomprehensive due to this supposed binary, but theories have been devised as … Read more

A Study on the Psychology of Gender Identity

Lately, the medical and psychological side of gender is called into question, especially with the controversy surrounding the rights of transgender individuals. Obviously, it is not a conscious choice as gender identity is developed usually in early childhood, and does not really change. Interestingly, gender actually is socially constructed, at least to some degree – … Read more

The Bem Sex-Role Inventory

“ Throughout the UK the number of women in the teaching profession outnumber the amount of men considerably. It is important to tackle this gender imbalance as it can be discouraging for young men in education and it can also negatively impact students as male teachers present certain characteristics and assets which are needed in … Read more