Innovative Technology and Car Gadgets

Now a day technology and invention have become the necessary part of our life. We cannot live without modern technology. Technology not only innovate us but also work for the betterment of mankind. These technologies and inventions slowly becomes the part of our lives and have essential value in our daily routine life. Now we … Read more

Beat the Heat with Budget Air Supply

For people without air-conditioning, the scorching summer months can seriously put their detective skills to the test. On these especially hot days, one may put their sleuthing skills to the test and ask, “where can I possibly get some cool relief from the heat?” — basically looking everywhere to find a well-air-conditioned haven. Why go … Read more

The Role Of Photo Editing Nowadays

The first digital camera was made by Kodak somewhere in the late 70s. Ever since then there have been experiments on the way photography has evolved both as an art and as a hobby. The art of clicking photos is to realize and take note of the background, proper lighting and making them such beautifully … Read more

Benefits And Risks Of Cochlear Implants

As an electrical device surgically implanted to assist recipients, especially who are suffering from profound hearing impairment, to access sound and achieve near-to-normal speech understanding by providing a sensation of sound in a relatively quiet acoustic environment, cochlear implants have always been controversial among the deaf as well as hearing parents with deaf kids. Because … Read more