Jay Cutler And Bodybuilding

The fitness and muscular development of Jay have been published in the fitness magazines. Jason Isaac (Jay Cutler) started the construction work at the age of 11 years old and the started the training in the gym at age of 18 years and won the numerous competition as a beginner. Jay left the sport and … Read more

Fitness star and icon Alexia Clark

Alexia Clark is a fitness icon, model, and social media star from Arizona, USA. She has an impressive portfolio, modelling for a number of products – ranging from Instant Knockout (a fat burner), to sports clothes. She’s become one of the leading female figures in the industry after becoming the self proclaimed ‘Queen of Workouts’ … Read more

Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion

While reviewing supplements, we figured out that they help us in every way to add convenience to our workout regimen in this modern life which is plagued with ensembles of distractions. However, we also found out that most fitness enthusiasts think that a post-workout supplement is sufficient to get the results that they are looking … Read more