Elizabethan food and drinks

The subject of food and drinks is important during the Elizabethan era because what was consumed during this time period, will affect what English people eat today. From the number of dishes eaten to the ways in which food was served was dictated by status: in the 16th-century in England, you truly were what you … Read more

Ginger Drink: Types And Benefits

Of course, we still do not want to give away the positive effect of the ginger drink and have therefore brought along not just one, but three cheaper and homemade versions of the ginger shot for you. In addition, you will learn in this post, what makes the trend drink so strong! That’s the ginger … Read more

"A History Of The World In 6 Glasses"

“A History of the World in 6 Glasses” The author’s main thesis is that ever since humans have settled around rivers, drinks have greatly shaped human history. These fluids are vital because unlike food, humans can not go long without drinking water and water is needed for our survival. Beer’s discovery may have led to … Read more