Physical, Social, And Health Hazards Of Competitive Sports

Risks of Competitive Sports Playing competitive and contact sports has numerous physical, social, and health benefits. However, despite the benefits of playing sports, the decision to engage in contact sports such as football should not be taken lightly. Often overlooked, playing contact sports such as football can lead to multiple concussions, which can ultimately result … Read more

The Origin of Olympic Games

The Olympics was originally a religious festival that was important to the Ancient Greek history. Many sports in Greece are important because, they are played today. Popular Ancient Athletes are important for role models today. The Ancient Olympic games was a series of athletic competitions for representatives from city-states which started in 776 B.C. The … Read more

The Winter Olympics Games

The Olympic Games is an international sporting event. It will be held every 4 years for sports that it is played on snow and ice. It is the youngest winter Olympics. The first winter Olympics was held in 19 24 and it was held in Chamonix, France. The Olympic Winter Games (official name) (French: Jeux … Read more