Bilingualism is a natural phenomenon worldwide

Bilingualism is a natural phenomenon worldwide. Unwittingly, however, monolingualism has been used as a standard to characterize and define bilingualism and multilingualism in linguistic research. Such a conception led to a “fractional” “irregular” and “distorted” view of bilingualism, which is becoming rapidly outmoded in the light of multipronged, rapidly growing interdisciplinary research. Other central concepts … Read more

OUTCOMES OF BILINGUALISM TROUGH FRENCH IMMERSION: How beneficial are the French immersion programs? 

Our world is becoming increasingly multilingual. Many children are being raised as bilinguals. Bilingualism is a necessity, as a child’s parents may not be fluent in the majority language spoken in the community. Therefore, the child may learn one language at home and another at school. In many cases bilingualism is a choice, and parents … Read more