A Research on the Relationship Between Teacher Expectation and Academic Performance of Students in Schools

The relationship between teacher expectations and academic performance has been a topic of interest for the last 50 years. Teachers’ judgements often play a role in facilitating or inhibiting students’ academic performance (Sudkamp, Kaiser & Moller, 2012). For example, females are generally perceived to be competent in reading, language and arts and boys are perceived … Read more

The Effects of Smartphone Use on Academic Performance

In today’s society, smartphones have become a part of everyday life. Over the years, numerous scientists have gained interest in the notion of the use of smartphones (which includes social media and/or texting) and its effects on the individual socially and academically. Specifically, since the 1980s, the use of cellphones and smartphones among young adults … Read more

The Level Of Adversity Quotient And Emotional Quotient Of Students On Probationary Status In Relation To Their Academic Performance

In college, students experience many different feelings, emotions and adversities. Some may feel excited about finally being able to start studying towards the career of their choice and feel hopeful about their future. They may be looking forward to their freedom and a chance to experience independence. They may be excited about having a chance … Read more