Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has evolved into one of the most acclaimed pieces of literature in modern American society. One aspect of a continual spark of interest with the novel is motion pictures. Various directors through the years have interpreted the book through their own eyes and the following is a … Read more

A Comparison of Victor Frankenstein and Henry Jekyll

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are two horrific tales of science gone terribly wrong. Shelleys novel eloquently tells the story of a scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who creates a living monster out of decomposed body parts, while Stevensons novel describes the account of one, Henry Jekyll, who creates a … Read more

The Fear of Science

To live in the today’s world is to be surrounded by the products of science. For it is science that gave our society color television, the bottle of aspirin, and the polyester shirt. Thus, science has greatly enhanced our society; yet, our society are still afraid of the effect of science. This fear of science … Read more

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Dual Personalities

“And yet when I looked upon that ugly idol in the glass, I was conscious of no repugnance, rather a leap of welcome. This, too, was myself. ” Dr Jekyll’s recognition here unsettles the easy way of reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, where Hyde is imagined merely as a terrifying monster who must be … Read more