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Death The Kid Analysis Essay


“Their so cute together.”

“I wish I have a relationship like them.”

“Relationships goals.”

Rumors are spreading about two people. Death the Kid and (Y/N) (L/N). These rumors are annoying Kid to no end. One because they are not dating and two (Y/N) is now spending more time with Soul. Kid was following (Y/N), because he said that she a symmetrical goddess, and that he needs to follow her to block other people from taking her away from him.

He does like (Y/N) not only because of her symmetry. She was different from other girls not a bitch or a two face. (Y/N) would blush if a person complements her. She would turn the opposite way to hide her blush and call them Baka or what not. Like a tsundere person would do.

“Hey Kid, you…

It broke his heart to see her with someone else. Is it because hes boring, or how hes obsessive with symmetry? What is the reason?

Deciding to go home instead, he wonder if the (E/C) eyed girl will feel the same way like he did.

There was one person, who could help him. One person that he hates the most, is…

Children screaming, kicking the ball to one another, having a peaceful life. Not a care in the world.

The sun was laughing down on Death City, with children coming out and playing kick ball or other sports that they enjoy.

Kid was walking toward to a certain apartment that belongs to two people: (Y/N) and (Y/N)s brother, Wolf. Kid hated Wolfs guts for the littles things.

When they first met, Kid tried to fix his symmetry for the better cost of the world. And has made a bad reputation to himself in front of (Y/N). She thought that Kid was gay at first, when he was chasing her brother with scissors.

But dont worry, no one was hurt when Kid was running with them.

Knocking on their apartment door, footsteps were heard. Opening the door came Wolf in his pajama, running a hand through his messy hair.

“If you looking for (Y/N), shes with Maka and the others.” Before he could close the door, Kid stuck his foot between the gap….

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