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Battle Hyman Of The Tiger Analysis Essay

Same World…. Different Religions In the book written by Amy Chua titled Battle Hyman of the Tiger the author compares the different cultural upbringings between “tiger mother” a Chinese American women and her spouse, Jed a man from a liberal Jewish background. The Chinese mother was raised by what Westerners would considered to be strict, in regards to parenting. As a child her parents gave her very strict rules, curfew, academics, extracurricular activities were all under her parent’s complete dictation. “The tiger mother” uses these rules as well to prepare her children for success.

Childhood to her, was remembered as an area in life where as a parent they would train their children to be strong, confident and successful. Jed, the father was raised by parents who encouraged individual choice and independence. He thought childhood should be enjoyed by playing bored games, mini-golf, going to water parks such as he did as a child. He had more compassion in terms of parenting and was much more lenient. Jed was very anxious about his children’s self-esteem he reinsured how good they were in anything they had accomplished.

Although Amy and Jed were raised with different cultural beliefs they chose to raise their children in the strict way Amy was raised. For her this was the way their children would become successful, as for him this was the way for their children to overcome adversity. Being raised from different cultural backgrounds influences our way of living and what we believe in. In history we have all learned that as the years pass there are changes in women’s fashion due to a new trend or religious beliefs.

For example, the Islamic culture uses their clothing as a form of oppression. In the Islamic culture women had to embrace their roles as wives and mothers, their freedom was restricted. Women were looked at as a distraction to men which resulted in oppression in women’s sexuality. Islamic women wear what is called hijab; hide from view or conceal. In the tenth century it became common to wear the hijab, a type of scarf worn around the head and under the chin, followed by a loose gown or a dress that drapes over the women down to her toes.

In people’s minds today we might think how did the women feel good, sexy, and cute about the clothing their culture wore or did men feel like their woman looked sexy or appealing to the eye? In the Islamic culture it was a little different. “In order to be respected by men, and protected from them, in public a woman should not flout her looks said in the article titled Historical Perspectives on Islamic dress. Their clothing isn’t meant to be worn for recognition it was the opposite.

Women were viewed by men as their property “Control is made possible by the idea of hijab: the veil, which exists in Christianity and Judaism as well as Islam. The veil, or curtain, delimits the physical boundary of women’s existence in society in order to protect men and the community from the possible moral or social danger or destruction they may cause. The reasoning is as follows: “If the physical appearance of a woman can awaken feelings in a man, even though she is not aware of it, this will probably lead him to want her, which may lead to adultery “stated in Woman and religious oppression by Azam Kamguian.

Women in the Islamic culture wear the hijab as representation of modestly which symbolizes purity, mark status or formal roles that distinguish and identify gender. “Garments were arranged to display the patterns and quality of fabrics on all layers and add bulk to the body image. The more former the occasion or higher the status of the weaver, the more layers worn, with richer materials further indicating wealth. ” Explained in Charlotte Jirousek article Islamic Clothing. Wearing the hijab was crucial while in public due to the exposer of the body.

Any woman that was unveiled was viewed by men as a naked woman. Women should be covered to protect what is considered the men’s property at all times unless around immediate family in their homes. That is why “Women wear the Hijab around strangers (especially males) that they do not consider as part of their family. It is believed that this lessens the chance of them having bad thoughts about them, this includes sexual desires. They believe that the external part of a person is not important but what it inside. ” Said in the article Why Do Woman Wear Hijab, Maureen.

Women started to adapt to their cultural upbringings, they believed this was a way to keep themselves treasured. Some Islamic woman seen no harm in this, they didn’t feel as if the men dominated them, or were obeying them as their property. They felt as if all women should feel the need to be veiled so they’re not perceived as just a sex object. They would like men to be attentive to their personalities and mind not their looks. Today, women have more of a choice to be veiled. There are a lot of women who use the hijab and not the gown due to the evolving changes in fashion and liberal few points.

They feel that it denies the women the freedom to decide on their own appearance. However, the American culture uses fashion as a form of expression, you can tell the Americans diverse cultural roots through the wardrobe women wear today. “What we wear has, for centuries, spoken volumes about who we are, what we do, and what we want. Whether Americans have dressed to make a political statement, to assert their class status, or simply to be irreverent, every style has carried a certain social meaning.

This is in part because our culture has long ascribed great significance to individuals’ public image, and because image has long been intertwined with the American capitalist economy. ” Written in History of American Culture. Some women wear higher priced fashion items from expensive fashion designers such as: Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and many more. We use accessories to spice up our wardrobe “dressing it up. ” Belts, purses, glasses and more keep our wardrobe stylish.

I believe American’s are so worried about what others believe is fashion that we buy what is in for the moment. We all have to purchase what’s in style instead of looking at ourselves and buying what makes us feel comfortable in our own skin. That’s where capitalism comes into play. Capitalism is based off a profit which means that the manufactures of these fashion designers are constantly on the hunt to find a new way to sell products, and new consumers to sell them to. What better way is there than to target woman who tend to have insecurities, anxiety or fears?

The answer would be advertisement targeting to women that will increase the “sale. ” We began to compare ourselves to images and advertisement seen on television. We go into our local grocery store and view magazines with our favorite celebrity’s wearing wardrobe that makes them look sexy, curvy, skinny and appealing to the eye. Woman than tend to imitate celebrity’s wardrobe hoping to fit that description. A lot of women look at themselves and think guys like slim waist, curves, breast and bottoms so what do you think a woman dose than?

She goes around to every store trying on wardrobe asking herself does this make me look skinny? Does this make my breast look good? Or my bottom look big? Is this flattering? Do I look appealing to the eye? Would a man come up to me and approach me? I want to reflect back to the Islamic culture where the men felt disrespected if the women went out exposing herself in public. Women in America are also judged by the way they dress. If a woman is dressed flashy or revealing her vales and sexuality are frowned upon, Similar to the Islamic culture.

Without the freedom of choice were corrupted in following what others think is right rather than our choice or comfort. If you have ever had a disagreement with someone about what you wear or looked at old pictures of yourself in an outfit that was once a trend and thought ew, or judge someone based on their choice of clothing, you know that fashion matters in our day-to-day lives. What would our world be like today if no one was told they are wrong or ugly from the choices of clothing they chose or the body there in. Instead, society could be based on the power, beauty and importance of everyone within.

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