World neighbors and neighborhood today

South Asian perspective A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good neighbor is a blessing. Neighbors are the people who live near us, and their behaviour influences our daily life. Good neighbors can make us feel comfortable and help us in many ways, and everyone will be benefited from a good relationship … Read more

The Lucky and Unlucky Numbers in China

Chinese numbers are very similar to each other. The number 0, 6, 8, and 9 have favorable and unfavorable meanings because they either sound similar to other words that have positive meanings or the pronunciation of the number. The most favorable numbers are 6, 8, and 9. Six, eight, and nine are the luckiest numbers … Read more

The Second Virginia Convention

The Second Virginia Convention was held at St. John’s Church in Richmond on March 23, 1775. Patrick Henry argued that a volunteer mercenary should be organized and armed in every county of Virginia to defend themselves from Great Britain. Henry was a straight to the point type of guy. Henry opens with an acknowledgement to … Read more

Operation Sook Ching, a Japanese Military Operation

Chinese sources list the total number of military and non-military casualties, both dead and wounded, at 35 million. Most Western historians believed that the total number of casualties was at least 20 million. Operation Sook Ching was a Japanese military operation aimed at purging or eliminating anti-Japanese elements from the Chinese community in Singapore. From … Read more

About the Japanese Occupation Malaya

During the Second World War, Japanese Army takes charge of Malaya. The Japanese occupation caused uncertainty and chaos for the local residents. During the Japanese occupation in Malaya for 3 ? years, all the local people were controlled by Japanese and they had suffer a lot at that time as the policies brings social, economic … Read more

The problem of poverty in Sudan

Nearly half of Sudan’s population live in poverty despite the rising income in Sudan and 47 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. There is many factors contributing to the poverty in Sudan internal conflicts are further fuelling the volatile state of region. Between 2006 and 2013 Sudan’s trust fund supported. In some … Read more

American Dream According To American Beauty Film

Sam Mendes compelling film, “American Beauty,” reveals that the white picket fence American dream doesn’t necessarily supply happiness to life. Full opportunity and social success, the exact concept of the American dream, is the particular mindset destroying the most significance of goals in life; happiness. This film takes the prospectors on an emotional journey through … Read more

Places to visit in Dallas Love Field

If you plan to take a couple of hours of excursions to Claydon Warren Park or Reunion Tower, do not miss the major attractions of Dallas. Traveling with children? There are countless opportunities for family fun and even adults will be satisfied. In President John F. Kennedy inherited the Daily Plaza is a museum on … Read more

Scarface and Strain Theory

Tony Montana escaped Cuba to achieve the American Dream. But his idea of the American Dream is vastly different from majority of other immigrants. The film has many instances of strain theory. Strain theory was brought about by Robert K. Merton back in the 1930’s. He theorized that crime happens because of the societal pressure … Read more

Marriage Traditions in India

“ India defines diversity, thus diversity is seen in every aspect of Indian life starting from food & clothing to customs & traditions. It is reflected in Indian marriages as well. In Indian society marriage is a highly sacred Instituiton. Marriage has been a very important part of the Indian Society. [1]Marriage is a legalised … Read more

Features Of Russian Food And Culture

“Want to go have some sushi?” “How about some pho?” “I feel like some Italian.”“Let’s go have Russian.” Everyone turns their head and looks at THAT guy. Who asks for Russian food? Russian cuisine has a deep, rich history that dates as far back more than a thousand years. As time progresses and cultures intertwine, … Read more

Analysis of the Water Shortage in California

“Bring on the Rain: California Drought” One of the biggest issues in California is the current drought. California is heading into its fourth year of the drought and it is showing no signs of decline. California continues to decline as the absence of rain progresses; due to the absence of rain this drought is by … Read more

The Case of Tokyo Rose: Discovering The Themes of Race and Gender

Naoko Shibusawa’s article Femininity, Race and Treachery: How ‘Tokyo Rose’ Became a Traitor to the United States after the Second World War, presents a historical analysis of the trial of Toguri d’Aquino as Tokyo Rose . Tokyo Rose was the pseudonym of an unidentified Japanese radio host who was hated in the U.S. during World … Read more

Reasons to visit Dubai

Why you MUST visit Dubai As of July 2017, Dubai ranks number 10 on the list of the World’s best locations for a holiday, compiled by the US News and World report. Another statistic ranks Dubai as the third busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic. Well, it can be agreed with doubt that … Read more

Specialized Financial Institutions in India

Development banks are specialized industrial financial institution. O These banks are mostly set up after World War II in both developed and both underdeveloped countries. O Developed banks do not mobilize savings like other banks but invest the resources in a productive manner. O These banks make significant contribution to industrial development. MEANING OF DEVELOPMENT … Read more

A perfect world of Gattaca

Gattaca a world where people that are considered “perfect” are “valid”. A Godly born man named, Vincent, constructs an identity to follow his dream of becoming a space traveler. Gattaca is a made-up place where an excellent society is created by cloning. Even though Vincent is constantly treated as a fugitive, he does not give … Read more

Should Quebec Separate From Canada?

A topic consistently debated within Canada is whether or not Quebec should become a sovereign country. Quebec is the largest province in Canada and is the only one to have French as its official first language. They have been struggling for its independence since around the 1960s. A few referendums have been held by Quebec’s … Read more

Naseeruddin Shah Biography

The Epitome of Candidness Whenever we think of the finest veteran actors of India, one of the first names that pops into our minds in Naseeruddin Shah. He is a prominent figure in Indian Parallel Cinema, where his awespiring performances have made him a fan favorite. While the actor has, on several occassions, stated his … Read more

Mycenaean Architecture in Greece

In the second millennium BC, Mycenae was a fortified city located between two hills on the Argolid plain of the Peloponnese, Greece. It was one of the major centers of Greek civilization, a military stronghold which controlled much of southern Greece and parts of southwest Anatolia. The stone architecture of Mycenae is unique in its … Read more

What Is Plea Bargaining?

In our Canadian Criminal Justice system, there are many issues that need to be changed, improved or completely demolished by the government. Me as a criminology student, I would like to target the issue of plea bargaining. Plea Bargaining is an agreement in a criminal case between the prosecutor and the defendant, that usually involves … Read more

Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food has been the rage recently in urban cities. I don’t mean those “American-Chinese” restaurants which commonly serve overly sweetened and sauced fried chicken. Authentic Chinese food has almost no resemblance. Traditional Chinese dishes are often hidden away on Chinese-language menus in Chinatown, and they have the most exotic and alien names, like Fuqi … Read more

Cincinnatus: The Hero of Rome

Cincinnatus: The Hero of Rome After his appointed year in office, Cincinnatus retired to his farm. Rome continued to fight both internally and externally. Military disaster followed when a Roman invasion force against the Aequians, led by the Consul Mincius, were trapped in the Alban Hills. In such a time of emergency, a Dictator with … Read more

The Kingdom of Aksum

Axum also was known as present-day Eritrea is located near the red sea and is close to Ethiopia’s northern border. Aksum had a region of high central plateaus that differ from 1,290 to 3,000 ft above sea level and the highest mountain reaching at 14,872 ft. A various number of rivers cut across the plateau … Read more

The Pueblo peoples

The Pueblo peoples are Native Americans in the Southwestern United States who have lived in the time period of 100AD to present day. The Pueblo believed in a vast collection of mythology, known as Hopi Mythology. The Hopi religion maintains a religious tradition stretching back over centuries, though it is difficult to definitively state what … Read more

Jordan Culture And Customs

Jordan is a country that should be a must see on everyone’s list of places to go and explore. Jordan has a long deep history through what seems like the beginning of time although it did not official gain recognition as an independent country until 1946. It is situated geographically at what can be called … Read more

The works of Andrea Palladio

The Italian civilization hosted different arts for ages , it was the home for discoveries and sciences and most importantly for buildings. Through the previous centuries architecture was developed and many styles were created. Taking into consideration the renaissance period and the baroque one. Renaissance is an intellectual movement and an artistic development that occurred … Read more

Porfirio Diaz Contribution

Porfirio Diaz Contribution in Mexican History He ruled Mexico with an iron fist for 35 years, from 1876 to 1911. His period of rule, referred to as the Porfiriato, was marked by great progress and modernization and the Mexican economy boomed. The benefits were felt by very few, however, as millions of peons labored in … Read more

Andrew Carnegie Biography

The wealthiest man in the world, in his time, was Andrew Carnegie. His story of success was truly one of rags to riches. Andrew Carnegie grew up in Dunfermline, Scotland and moved along with his family to the United States in the late 1800s. He worked his way up from being a poor Irish immigrant … Read more

The Jim Crow's Laws

The Jim Crow laws were put into place for white people to feel superior to black people, and created even more segregation and racism for African Americans throughout the 1930s. The Jim Crow laws were created to reinforce the belief that white people were superior to black people in every aspect. The effects of the … Read more