Demystifying the myths on the great war as depicted in Under Fire by Henri Barbusse and All quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria

Writing towards the end of the twentieth century, German literary scholar Hans Wagener reflects on the deep resonance of war literature, stating: “When we think about certain periods of history, epoch-making books come to mind that capture the spirit of those times most vividly”. Indeed, literary expressions of the Great War have performed a crucial … Read more

Roosevelt Corollary and the Monroe Doctrine: The Establishment of the Us Power in the Western Hemisphere

What was the intent of the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine? What was its impact on the role of the US in the Western Hemisphere? The Monroe Doctrine, named after President James Monroe, was implemented in order to continue to keep free the newly independent areas of Latin America from European interference. The Monroe … Read more

How Social Deviancy Shaped the West in Bret Harte’s Fiction

Bret Harte’s fiction contributed largely to the development of the Western as a literary genre. One of the earliest authors to fictionalize the American West, he spun humorous yarns depicting the offbeat gamblers, prostitutes, miners, and outright outlaws of 1850s California. These social deviants take central roles in his short stories: “The Luck of Roaring … Read more

Michael Pollan’s View of the Nutritional Effects of Western Food as Illustrated in His Writing, Escape From The Western Diet

In today’s era, healthy food can be difficult to find. What foods are good for us? Is Organic Food really worth buying? In his essay ‘’Escape from the western diet’’ Pollan argues about the nutrition of the western diet, that it is not healthy and can cause many illnesses including cancer and diabetes. Pollan goes … Read more

The Depiction of the West Hip-Hop Culture in the CB4

Film Response: CB4 This film represents the West Coast hip-hop culture with a comedic tone. Although many aspects of this film mocked the increasingly popular “gangsta rap”, it brought attention to the profanity, violence, and drug abuse that was valued by the subgenre. The movie is about 3 middle class guys who become famous rappers … Read more

An Overview Of Radicalization Of The West: A Homegrown Threat Helping Law Enforcement In The Capital City And America As A Whole

The report about the radicalization in the West becoming a homegrown threat attempts to help law makers and law enforcement agencies in the capital city and the entire America by providing a systematic indulgent of the type of threat that the United States of America faces domestically. The report also seeks to bring a solution … Read more