How Robert Louis Stevenson Has Used Story Telling, Setting And Characterization To Bring Out The Theme Of Duality In The Novel Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Analysis of Stylistic Figures in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Every day, innocent people are brutally murdered. Within the same time frame, brave civilians commit great acts of heroism, risking their lives for the betterment of others. After analyzing the wicked and courageous acts individuals undergo, one is obliged to examine human nature. How can … Read more

A Study Of The Adventure Of A Young Boy In Robert Louis Stevenson’s Novel Kidnapped

Kidnapped The main character David in Kidnapped is used for readers to visualize someone like themselves going through great adventures. Stevenson describes everything he sees with unfamiliar eyes, just as his readers would. The plot of Kidnapped follows David’s growth from a naive young boy to a heroic, experienced man. Through his association with Alan … Read more