A Look at the Origin and Spiritual Beliefs of the Muh-He-Con-Nuk Indians

History of the Muh-he-con-nuk Indians Hendrick Aupaumut (1757-1830), wrote one of the first ethnographies about a Native Indians Muh-he-con-nuk Indians on the year 1791 (Levine 629). According to Sandra Gustafson, Aupaumut was born in the Native American town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts (Levine 629). Gustafson wrote that Aupaumut received an education by a Protestant minister in … Read more

We Are All God’s Children

In the midst of the third and final presidential debate on October 19th Donald Trump captured the tenor of this whole election season when he responded to Secretary Clinton with “ I’m not the puppet, you are!” The exchange summed up how juvenile and petty the campaign has become on both sides. It also demonstrated … Read more

Analysis of Beowulf with Focus on Spirituality

Beowulf: Religions of the Time Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem dating back to about 1000 A.D. At this time, Christianity was growing across many different countries, Europe in particular. Pagan beliefs were still around during this time period as well, so the expansion of Christian and Pagan beliefs began to influence works. Pagans had a … Read more

Care for God’s Creation

Caring for gods creation is hard work, and our culture mentality of “I do what’s best for me” completely opposes it. We are bombarded with messages and advertisements telling us to make life easier and more convenient, and our own selfishness tendencies tell us “no one else is doing it” and “my contribution really won’t … Read more

Ethics and religion

In the 21st-century ethics as far as religious doctrines are concerned has taken a modernity turn. In the classical period religion was solely relied on to dictate morality but due to contemporariness catalyzed by education beliefs can no longer prescribe social principles. Issues are assessed and determined according to the will of people, social discussion, … Read more

Faith in siddhartha

Whether one defines faith as trust in a system of religious beliefs, dogma, or trust in enlightened beings, it is a fundamental and universally studied concept explored in literature around the world. Herman Hesse and Eugene O’Neill are two authors and laureates similar in their affinities for exploring the theme of faith in their works. … Read more