Why do people commit crimes?

People who commit crimes for various reasons. These various reasons trigger with social, economic, and cultural reason. Also these factors trigger an individual to do criminal activities. These are some reasons why it causes individuals to become criminals. Social reasons are peer pressure, and school failure. People commit crime because of social reasons. The social … Read more

Theories Of Kidnapping

Anazonwu, C., Onyemaechi, C. and Igwilo, C. (2018) “Psychology of Kidnapping”, Practicum Psychologia. In the research of Anazonwu, C., Onyemaechi, C. and Igwilo, C. (2018) to understand the motivations and determination of a kidnapper they found that there is not yet a psychological theory for a cause. A kidnapper will usually deliberately inflict violence with … Read more

The terrifying crimes of Albert Fish

Albert Fish was an American serial killer born on May 19, 1870. HIs real name is Hamilton Howard but he is also known as the Gray Man, Werewolf of Mysteria, Brooklyn Vampire, Ham & Eggs, Moon Maniac, and The Boogeyman. HIs parents were Randall and Ellen Fish. He had a family history of mental illness. … Read more

Measuring Crime

Crime is defined as an act in which a person offenses or breaches the law and is liable to be punished by the law. There are many instruments that are used to measure crime in daily activities. In United States the crime is mainly measured by the police department or FBI. The FBI uses different … Read more

The Florentino Crime Family

Italian Americans immigration to Calif. Italians were a number of the primary European explorers and settlers of Calif. . non secular duties and also the rummage around for new fishing grounds were initial reasons for Italians to explore what later became the 31st state, however their reasons for staying distended once inward. although we regularly … Read more