10 Mysterious Places Around The World

There are many place in worldwide which are full of secrets. A number of these places of secrets to scientists today to have no well resolved while many places to solve partially the mysteries although continuing research yet to reach a final conclusion. About so many places and many find we no longer have you … Read more

The Mystery of Incarnation

The Mystery of Incarnation is the mystery of the descending of God the Son who is one of the Trinity from heaven and taking up flesh and rational soul from the Holy Virgin Mary. This is the mystery of God becoming man and man becoming God. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John.1:14).The … Read more

What Waits in the Woods Analysis

“What Waits in the Woods” by Kieran Scott is a murder mystery book. A group of teens: Callie, Lissa, Penelope, and Jeremy go on a camping trip in Mission Hills, New York. The friends were being stalked by a sinister laugh in the depths of the woods. They end up getting lost and find a … Read more