The Analysis Of The Novels "Pushing The Bear" & House Made Of Dawn" By Diane Glancy & N. Scott Momaday

Pushing the Bear and House Made of Dawn: Interpreting the Fragmented Works of Diane Glancy and N. Scott Momaday Diane Glancy and N. Scott Momaday are Native American authors who both apply fragmentation and multi-perspectivism in their works, Pushing the Bear: A Novel of the Trail of Tears and House Made of Dawn, respectively. These … Read more

The Successes and Failures of “Couple in a Cage”

Coco Fusco and Guillermo G?mez-Pe?a’s Two Undiscovered Amerindians is a bold experiment of a performance whose successes and failures stem from the same aspect of the show: its tendency to blur the lines between the audience and the performers. When Two Undiscovered Amerindians succeeds, its presentation of an ethnographic display makes its audience question their … Read more

The Question of Identity in Native American Novels

It would be insightful to analyse whether the characters in other Native American novels react to difficulties in a similarly positive manner as fourteen-year-old Junior/Arnold. Junior/Arnold is a very interesting character, because he is able toalter both his social and personal identities in a positive manner. Despite the fact that as an Indian he is … Read more

A Comparison Of “We’re Not…” By Andrea Roman And “The Undercurrent” By Kellie Young

In the first essay, “We’re not…” by Andrea Roman discussed the cultural conflicts when she lives in America with her Bolivian family, especially her strict Bolivian mother. However, in the second essay, “The Undercurrent” by Kelly Young emphasizes about her mother’s overly protective desire to keep her as safe as possible. Both of two essays … Read more

The Image Of African American In "Dear Martin" By Nic Stone

“Dear Martin” is a first-person perspective about what it means to be a young African American in today’s era. Specifically, Stone explores topics such as microaggression as we watch Justyce’s classmates make racial jokes and accuse him of being “too sensitive”; white privilege, systemic racism, and white fragility all while racial profiling and the need … Read more

The Scarlet Letter: Literature Review

The author of my book is Nathaniel Hawthorne. He was born in Salem, Massachusetts. The Scarlet Letter was published in 1850, followed by his other famous book, “The House of Seven Gables” which was published in 1851. Something that is common between the two books is that they both have elements of Gothic and fiction. … Read more

Review And Analysis Of “Just Walk On By: A Black Man Ponders His Ability To Alter Public Space” Essay By Brent Staples

While we work to change the tolerance in America, the prejudice response of perceiving black men as criminals, is still a regular occurrence. In his essay, “Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Ability to Alter Public Space” Brent Staples analyzes the effects he has on those around him and expresses his feelings … Read more

The Analysis Of The Articles "Mr. Trump’s Trade War" By Douglas A. Irwin & "The Four Fallacies About Trade Globalization"

This Analysis is based upon the articles “Mr. Trump’s Trade War” by Douglas A. Irwin, and “The Four Fallacies About Trade Globalization”. First, I will summarize “Mr. Trump’s Trade War” article and then, I will summarize “The Four Fallacies About Trade Globalization” in order to compare and contrast the two articles and then support them … Read more

The Analysis Of The Book "The Design Of Everyday Things" By Don Norman

Introduction This report is based upon the book The Design of Everyday Things; a revised and expanded edition, written by Don Norman. The report focuses on the key principles for each chapter. Author details Donald Arthur Norman, commonly known as Don Norman is regarded for his expertise in fields such as cognitive science, usability engineering, … Read more

Depiction Of Britain and Society In Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith’s Works

Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith both censured how British social orders functioned and how they treat poor people. Quick, be that as it may, condemned the absence of empathy with unforgiving, gnawing parody. For instance, the storyteller of “A Modest Proposal” recommends that the starving Irish stuff and pitch their year-old children to well-off English … Read more

ICB Style Analysis

Pages: 56-60: Diction:“I only remember Nancy’s Teddy bear staring at me” (Capote, 60). This quote was pronounced by two of Nancy Clutter’s dearest friends, Nancy Ewalt and Susan Kidwell after seeing Nancy’s corpse. This is an ideal example of diction from Truman Capote, however, is also an example of tone because it establishes an eerie … Read more

Character Symbolization In The Short Story “The Lottery”, By Shirley Jackson

The Lottery Character Symbolization When one reads a story they often look for character development, traits, and symbolization to help them better understand the context. In the short story “The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson, she helps the reader better understand the story by using vast character symbolization through the characters of Tessie Hutchison, Old Man … Read more

The Concept Of Balanced Reciprocity In The Article "What Chimps Understand About Reciprocity" From Wall Street Journal

One concept from this week’s reading I found interesting was Balanced Reciprocity, or the exchange of something with the expectation that you will receive something in return. There are three stages of Balanced Reciprocity: giving, receiving, and reciprocating. I found this particular topic interesting because of how prominent it is in our society. There are … Read more

Critical Literature Review Of "The Red Thread Zen" Written By Susan Murphy Roshi

The red thread Zen written by Susan Murphy Roshi talks about body, sexuality, passion, care, torn, dark, Mortal, laughter, hands and eyes, the teisho of the actual body. According to The red (or ‘vermilion’) thread originally connoted the color of the silk undergarments courtesans were obliged to wear. Most spiritual traditions do their best … Read more

Quotes From Heart Of Darkness

Foreshadowing“I did not see the real significance of that wreck at once… Certainly the affair was too stupid… to be altogether natural…” (p. 88)This quote portrays foreshadowing because it is evident that the wrecking of the steamer was not an accident. Since the reader now knows that this incident was intentional, it alludes to the … Read more

Bullet to the brain: Analysis of themes

Why we chose the story We chose this story because it’s a very interesting piece of literature. The story already begins with a tense atmosphere that keeps you on your toes throughout. We specifically chose it for all its graphic descriptions about the death of the main character Anders. This piece of writing is very … Read more

The Narrow Road To The Deep North By Matsuo Basho: The Use Of Aspects In The Natural World As A Significant Motif

“The Narrow road to the Deep north” is a novel that falls under the category of travel literature written by Matsuo Basho a Japanese poet and author who lived during the 17th century. The novel follows Basho as he travels from Edo, today’s Tokyo, towards the northern provinces of Japan. In the journal the author … Read more

“Tottochan – The Little Girl At The Window” Book Review

“Tottochan-the little girl at the window” is an autobiography written by Tetsuka Kuroyanagi and translated by Dorothy Britton. It is a beautiful story which touches the heart of the reader. It has all the elements that a reader needs – humour, happiness, warmth, friendship, love and realizations. This book describes the childhood activities of Tetsuka … Read more