Linking HRD Strategy to Organizational Needs

Human Resource Development is a function of human resource management in most organizations. The link between human resource development flows from the organizational objectives. Organizational objectives are the long range goals of the organization that provide guidance in making decisions such as effective and efficient human resource development programs. The organizational objectives are implemented through … Read more

Determinants of Student Mode Choices

University students are generally more inclined to use public transport and non-motorized travel modes compared to the general population (Bonham and Koth, 2010; Ripplinger et al., 2009). According to Santos et al. (2013), cities with a larger population of students are characterized by a higher usage of public transit and other alternative modes such as … Read more

Learning Styles Essay

Throughout our lives, we are faced with many different learning experiences. Some of these experiences have made a better impact than others. We can attribute this to our learning style. A persons learning style is the method through which they gain information about their environment. Research is going on all over the world to help … Read more