The labor movement

America, still in its “infancy” in the late 18th century / early 19th century finally began to grow as a nation. The Labor Movement emerged from the direct response to the rise of “industrialization” after the Second World War ( Spalding, 2008, p. 100 ). The labor movement is a broad and still going effort … Read more

Child Labor in Myanmar

Across the world, there are children working fifteen hour shifts every day to make only a dollar. They are as young as seven years old, trapped in a system hardly better than slavery. The country of Myanmar is allowing for the abuse of these children’s lives with their child labor laws. No child should be … Read more

The American Federation of Labor

The American Federation of Labor was established in 1886, in Columbus, Ohio. Samuel Gompers, who served as the first president of the AFL from 1886-1924 (except for 1895), was born in London in 1850 and immigrated to the United States when he was thirteen years old. The Gompers were a family of Jewish cigar makers, … Read more

The Nation Labor Union (NLU)

The 1820s led to various unions wanting to reduce the working day from 12 to 10 hours. This sparked the interest of the idea of a federation of joining together to pursue common objectives for working people. These first efforts to organize may have been ineffective, but it shown the need for economic and legal … Read more