Interview of an 18 year old EliteKits gamer

IGN:SethayRank:UltimateAge:18Timezone:Eastern Standard Time/EST Do you have a microphone?:Yes. When did you join?:I’ve been playing EliteKits for a while now I’ve always changed my IGN because I was always bored of having the same name, You can even see in my NameMC so that’s why noone really ever remembers me but I heard about this server … Read more

Leadership Interview Of Sue Eckert, Senior Vice President Of Nursing At Medstar Washington Hospital Center

Leadership Interview:Sue Eckert, Senior Vice President of Nursing at Medstar Washington Hospital Center The George Washington UniversityMedStar Washington Hospital Center is the largest hospital in Washington D.C.; With 926 beds and roughly 2400 employees within MWHC’s nursing department, it is also among the 50 largest in the entire nation. The oversight and management of such … Read more

The Motivational Interviewing Approach

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a counseling technique which assists the interviewee in identifying the internal motivation to change the client’s behavior by resolving ambivalence and insecurities. The term holds similar meaning when it comes to interviewing an individual with substance abuse background. The main aim of Motivational interviewing is to facilitate the intrinsic motivation of … Read more

Analysis Of Descriptive Statistics And Inferential Statistics

Introduction The meaning of methodology According to Polit and Hungler (2004:233), methodology refers to ways of obtaining, organizing and analyzing data. Methodology decisions depend on the nature of the research question. Methodology in research can be considered to be the theory of correct scientific decisions (Karfman as cited in Mouton & Marais 1996:16). In this … Read more

Behavioral Interview Questions

I find that these particular questions are important to ask because there are many things to take in to consideration when hiring a new employee. I feel that finding out how a candidate will be a right “fit into your company is just as important as a candidate’s past work experience, technical skills and education. … Read more