The Use of Genre Theory in the Horror Genre

Genre theory, the attributes, and conventions of the horror genre Introduction According to Neale the film and the genre it belongs to is determined by two primary features: the genres conformity to its attributes and conventions (Stephen, 2000).And that a film should match the genres attributes to be categorized as part of that genre. Genre … Read more

How the Horror is Constructed in Plath’s Poetry

Any true representation of horror, the sickening realization of the hideous or unbelievably ghastly, seems something of an impossibility. How can one speak the unspeakable? How can unimaginable terror and revulsion ever be recreated? Yet writers of Modernist literature, reflecting on the anxiety of the ominous, whirlwind world around them, have developed astute strategies for … Read more

The Ideas of Horror, Gloom and Mystery as Potrayed in The House of Seven Gables

To be a paradigm of a Gothic novel, The House of Seven Gables needs to include many elements, all which center on the ideas of gloom, horror, and mystery. The action of a Gothic novel takes place in a “run-down, abandoned or occupied, mansion or castle,” which often include secret passages, doors, and compartments (Encarta). … Read more

Tutsi and Hutu Differences and Similarities and the Horrors of Genocide in Hotel Rwanda, a Movie by Terry George

Discrimination of all types is an issue. Before the movie Hotel Rwanda, Terry George’s film, was released, many acted as if genocide was taboo. This movie helped raise awareness to the Rwandan Genocide, which many refer to as a “Modern-day Holocaust.” Hotel Rwanda was very effective in showing that genocide was a big issue by … Read more