A Research on the Shell Preference of Four Hermit Crab Species

Under natural conditions hermit crabs Pagurus longicarpus, Pagurus pollicaris, Pagurus brevidactylus, and Pagurus brevidactylus exhibit shell preferences. This preference is important to shell utilization and survival of the hermit crabs. Shell availability is known to be a limiting factor for hermit crabs. Shell preferences of four hermit crab species, P. longicarpus, P. pollicaris, P. carolinensis … Read more

Facts About the Sea Anemones

There are over one thousand species of sea anemone. Anthozoa actiniaria, is their genius and species name. They are a predator animal believe it or not, in the phylum Cnidaria. They are related to corals, jellyfish, and hydra. Sea anemone attack to coral or a reef by their Pedal disk. They are able to move, … Read more