The Good and Bad Characteristics of a Baby Boomer

Every individual is unique in his own way. This makes him different from anyone else. Even brothers and sisters differ a lot. But with every person’s distinct characteristics, he should still be able achieve good relationship with other people. Many generations have been in existence for years now. And each generation is identified with certain … Read more

Cultural shock and adaptation

Our generation lives in the era of new possibilities and achievements, where the process of globalization has become as a principal feature of this century. Globalization seem pervasive. So, one might think that the world`s cultures must be converging into one homogenized global value system. But they aren’t… It seems that many components of culture … Read more

The difference between generations

Life of present generation is faraway different when compared with the older ones. Things have changed significantly. The way things used to work in the past are not the same as now because new systems of doing things have been make known to the society. The way we consolidate things is different from how our … Read more

Identity crisis, cultural confusion and fear put in children by the first generation of immigrant parents as depicted in the poems Fishbone and Hell’s pig

Mothers and daughters, generally, clash in the adolescent and teenage years; imagine going through those years trying understand who one is and being a second generation immigrant. Aimee Nezhukumatathil gives a glance into what it would look like to grow up with first generation parents in America. She shares stories that stem from the truth … Read more

What is the Sandwich Generation?

Based on what I learned this semester, I think being a sandwich generationer is the most challenging to Americans and their families. A sandwich generationer is a caregiver to an elderly parent/relative and children or anyone who acts as a dual caregiver whether it parents, grandparents, and children. Sandwich generationers not only have to deal … Read more