The United States and the Introduction of Indian Cuisine

“Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.” ~ Louise Fresco Introduction For generations, immigrants to the United States have brought their own cultures, traditions and cuisine with them from their home countries. The result is a … Read more

Organic farming: How significant is soil health?

Soil Health of Organic Farming Organic farming approaches, which are characterized by a lack of chemical inputs as well as absence of genetically modified organisms, originated in counterculture to the industrial revolution and were originally concerned primarily with soil fertility and wholesome tactics; slowly, a system of standards began to emerge as the demand for … Read more

End of Food

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food,” said Paul Prudhomme. Good food leads to a good mood. It can also lead to a healthier lifestyle considering you know what is meant by good food and how to make the right choices. Good food shouldn’t come at a high price making people turn … Read more

Michael Pollan Explores America’s Eating Behavior, Varieties Of Food, Organic And Industrial Food Production In ‘Omnivore’s Dilemma’

Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” is a nonfiction text that highlights the author’s findings regarding the American eating habits, food varieties, organic and industrial farming. Pollan begins his inquiry by asking a common question in America’s households. The question raises a concern about what a family should have for dinner” (Pollan 1). Based on the … Read more

Healthy Lifestyle: A Significant Food Habits

In recent years, unhealthy eating habits have been on the rise. The reasons are not hard to pin down – people have become too busy, stressed and oh, they want to ‘cut down’ on calories. These often lead to people downing anything filling, but less than nutritious. Eating healthy involves a lot of commitment, but … Read more

The Greatest Food: Bibimbap

When I first heard this term, I honestly thought it to be a software application. Fortunately, it turned out to be a Korean platter. Korea is not just only known for kimchi and Bulgogi when it comes to the greatest food, Bibimbap is an additional headline. According to the CNN travel, this dish has entered … Read more

Brainstorming Essay

Does advertising for fast food affect our way of eating? Does eating homemade food make it difficult to fit in the world around us? In workplace, at school, in social events Is traditional food from India considered too unhealthy/oily and spicy? How often is too much to consume fast food? How many hours of physical … Read more

Importance of Fat in a Diet

Fat is an essential part of our daily diet and is important for good health. There are different types of fats, some fats being healthier than other. To help make sure you stay healthy, it is important to eat unsaturated fats in small amounts as part of balanced diet. When eaten in large amounts, all … Read more

Fast Food Consumption

Background of the Study Fast food consumption has increased worldwide. Studies have shown that the trend of fast food consumption as well as the number of fast food restaurants are noticeably increasing, which is an important health concern among a country’s population. Fast foods are quick to prepare, have trouble-free access, moderately inexpensive, and are … Read more

Best Milk Frother For Almond Milk 

Waking up in morning to the best coffee makes the day a bright and productive one for sure. A creamy and rich froth on top gives heavenly taste to plain cup of coffee. Choosing the best milk frother for almond milk and coffee is mostly based on whether it makes great and quick froth or … Read more

7 Superfoods That Keep Your Body and Mind Strong

Superfoods are rich in nutrients and promote good health and well-being. Not only does it improve the immune system (at the same time, humans have less work for humans), but also contact with the body, inflammation (CINA) reduces and eliminates harmful bacteria. Bonus: those who eat fast foods regularly are healthier and less. What better … Read more

Healthy Homemade Recipes

Because of a heavy schedule we often ?nd it really hard to keep track of how balanced our daily diet is. Also, there is the assumption that a healthy meal will be boring or tasteless, so we frequently choose fast food, pre-cooked or packaged food. This type of food always has an extended list of … Read more

Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD)

Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) is caused by damage to the liver from years of excessive drinking. Years of alcohol abuse can cause the liver to become inflamed and swollen. This damage can also cause scarring known as cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is the final stage of liver disease.ARLD is a major public health … Read more

Michael Pollan’s View of the Nutritional Effects of Western Food as Illustrated in His Writing, Escape From The Western Diet

In today’s era, healthy food can be difficult to find. What foods are good for us? Is Organic Food really worth buying? In his essay ‘’Escape from the western diet’’ Pollan argues about the nutrition of the western diet, that it is not healthy and can cause many illnesses including cancer and diabetes. Pollan goes … Read more

MyBurgerLab ’s Background

MyBurgerLab, a brand famous with handmade burger patties and homemade charcoal buns that makes Malaysia feel glorious. Chin Ren Yi, 31 is founder of myBurgerLab where Teoh Wee Kiat, 23 and Cheah Chang Min,28 is his partners. Their beginning plan are to open cafe and sells foods in the cafe. But none of them know … Read more

The caffeine consumption review

We all love to drink coffee, we used to drink coffee when we wake up in the everyday to kick-start our morning. But you will absolutely not love the bad effects that coffee can bring to you.Caffeine goes about as a stimulant by enacting the central nervous system. It can battle tiredness and enhance concentration … Read more

Homemade Hamburger and Fries: My Favorite Meal

My favorite meal is a hamburger and fries. I love a hamburger with cheese, tomatoes, lettuces, onions, and ketchup. I always cook my meat first because it takes longer than the fries. With my hamburger I put season salt and sometimes onion powder depends on who I’m cooking it for, I let it cook for … Read more

Cereals As A Staple & Refined Food

Cereals is any grass cultivated for the edible components of its grain, composed of the endosperm, germ and bran. A grain used for food. A plant (such as a grass) yielding starchy grain suitable for food. Prepared foodstuff of grain (such as oatmeal or cornflakes). By consuming cereals it benefits us as it helps to … Read more

Acceptability of Taro and Purple Yam

The Problem and Its Background Introduction Crackers are widely eaten in the world, many people loves it because it is very handy and not hassle to eat, you’ll just need to open the packaging and it is ready to be eaten. This food are for all ages and comes with a lot of variety, but … Read more

Meat And Dairy Industry: Harmful Effects

Many adults in the world today, specifically in the United States, struggle with chronic health conditions including cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and erectile dysfunction. I believe this is due to diet and a whole food plant-based diet can solve the problem Of the 24 patients who stuck with the plant … Read more

Starbucks case

Coming to the social media, Starbucks makes a really virtuous use of the social media as its marketing strategy. The first and foremost thing they did was to offer free Wi-Fi to its customers. When anyone talks about social media, Facebook, instagram comes in mind. So therefore, in 2008, Starbucks made their Facebook page and … Read more

Armagnac vs Cognac

Brandy is the alcoholic beverage distilled from wine or a fermented fruit mash. The term used alone generally refers to the grape product; brandies made from the wines or fermented mashes of other fruits are commonly identified by the specific fruit name. With the exception of certain fruit types, known as white types, brandies are … Read more

Chefdom: Life of a Chef

Being a chef today is very different than it was even just a decade ago. Chefs used to be invisible workhorses hiding behind a stove, churning out glorious dish without much recognition from their diners. Today that whole dynamics has changed. Chefs are the reason to go to a restaurant. They are regarded as rock … Read more

Pepper Tap as a Hyperlocal Grocery Delivery Startup

PEPPER TAP Pepper Tap was AN on-demand hyperlocal grocery delivery startup primarily based out of Gurgaon(Gurugram). PepperTap began its journey on Nov 2014, by Navneet Singh and Milind Sharma. PepperTap was started with a vision to revolutionize grocery shopping; No additional queues, No additional parking hassles, No additional negotiation with sabzi-wallahs.They worked on “100% Inventory-less” … Read more

The differences between nutrient-dense foods and empty-calorie foods and their effects on health

Nutrient dense – rich in nutrients, low in calories-eating a variety of nutrient dense foods allows people to sustain their health and obtain the suggested amount of vitamins, minerals, etc. -rich in healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, lean protein, and minerals (“What Does it Mean to Eat Nutrient Dense Foods?”, 2018)-larger portions can be consumed … Read more

The Origin, Roles, And Responsibilities Of A Pastry Chef

The historical records on the pastry chef career show that Egyptians started baking breads as early as 2600-2100 BC (Friberg & Amy 5). It is believed that the Egyptians acquired the skills of baking from the Babylonians. The skills were later spread to the Roman Empire where baking flourished well. The skill of baking later … Read more

Rice Haggard’s Tract On the Sacred Import of the Christian Name Is One of the Most Influential Documents Produced by the Restoration Movement

Summary Rice Haggard’s tract, On the Sacred Import of the Christian Name, has proven to be one of the most influential documents produced by the Restoration Movement. The primary objective of this document is apologetic, as Haggard intended to convince his audience that the name Christian is the only proper title or moniker for both … Read more

Ethiopian Coffee

In the documentary Black Gold, it explains the story about Ethiopian coffee farmers who struggle to seek higher prices for their coffee beans. Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Africa and makes up 67 percent of export revenue in Ethiopia. With over 15 million individuals depending on coffee farming and production for survival. … Read more

Careers in Science: Food Technologist

As a food technologist, it is your job to make sure food products are produced safely, legally and are of the quality claimed. You could be involved in developing the manufacturing processes and recipes of food and drink products and may work on existing and newly-discovered ingredients to invent new recipes and concepts. Technologists modify … Read more

Basic Cooking Tips For Baking

Most people have a basic idea of what they need when they cook at home, but most people do not have the experience to know what’s good and what’s not. However, the art of baking is still the most basic and fundamental requisites as it is a naturally used method for nutrition to baked foods … Read more

An Executive Summary on My Pizza Delivery Company

Pizza Drone© Executive Summary My company will deliver pizzas to consumers through an already established company by using drones. We will succeed because we will use hydrogen fuel as our power making the drone fly for two hours on the same weight of fuel and is refueled faster. . There are not patents on drones; … Read more

Family Heritage Foodways and Cultural Self-Awareness

Cultural Self-Awareness and Family Heritage Foodways Assignment Foodways and Health Beliefs It is fundamental to include all foods that originate from all corners of the world, especially that we are privileged enough to be able to cheaply in the age of globalization. Foods that are eaten daily in my apartment include free range eggs, raw … Read more

Diet of a Small Planet

What is Diet for a small planet? Diet for a Small Planet was the bestselling book written by Francis Moore Lappe, author, and activist. It was the first book which actually met requirements for healthy eating and a strong, nutritious lifestyle. It stated the impacts of meat production on the environment and claimed it to … Read more

Digestive system: what is it?

DIGESTION is important for breaking down food into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth, and cell repair. Food and drink must be changed into smaller molecules of nutrients before the blood absorbs them and carries them to cells throughout the body. The body breaks down nutrients from food and drink into carbohydrates, protein, … Read more

A Cup of Ginger Tea: Relaying the Story of My Family

On the airplane from Tokyo to New York, while everyone else was sleeping, my nose caught a fragrance of ginger tea. There were no better thing than a home flavor when you are in another country. For me, a cup of ginger tea usually settle me down and clear all moodiness from me. After I … Read more