Food safety through HACCP

The importance of having a healthy life is of great interest to me. Therefore, I believe that environmental health is important to our society. The initial issues I will be discussing are about the HACCP food testing procedures. Following that, I will talk about the healthy guidelines for the topics of hygiene and how it … Read more

The Term Of Malnutrition & Its Types

MALNUTRITION INTRODUCTION In today’s society malnutrition is considered to be a grave concern affecting people worldwide. Then what constitutes malnutrition? Malnutrition refers to the deficiency, excess or imbalance of a person’s nutrient intake and it can be largely grouped into four types. Types of Malnutrition Undernutrition Includes Micronutrient Deficiencies and Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM)-PEM additionally … Read more

Features Of Russian Food And Culture

“Want to go have some sushi?” “How about some pho?” “I feel like some Italian.”“Let’s go have Russian.” Everyone turns their head and looks at THAT guy. Who asks for Russian food? Russian cuisine has a deep, rich history that dates as far back more than a thousand years. As time progresses and cultures intertwine, … Read more

Food coloring

What is food coloring? Food coloring is a pigment or any substance that can color the food we eat or the drinks we drink, it can be in many forms like liquid, powder, paste and even gel. They’re used to make the orange color of oranges brighter and more consistent. And added to marshmallows to … Read more