The Impact of Unwanted Divorce Vs Death of a spouse

When someone is confronted with legal separation from the person to whom they’ve committed their adult life, it may seem as though their whole life is disintegrating right before their eyes, especially if they’re not the one choosing the separation. The future stops existing, and only an empty present looms ahead. For some, the feelings … Read more

The Ongoing Struggle for a Family

The most important thing in a family is that all the people in it love each other. This excerpt is from a childrens book, written by Leslea Newman, Called Heather Has Two Mommies. This story is intended to show kids that not everyones family is the same. Many reasons are given to dispute gay and … Read more

The Effects Of Divorce On Young Children

The statistics for divorce in the 1990s suggest that nearly sixty percent of marriages end in divorce. Given this startling figure, the assumption can be made that many children will experience some effects caused by the life-changing event called divorce. What is it exactly about divorce that causes negative consequences for these children? In what … Read more

Happily Ever After

People say when you marry someone you dont just marry that one person, but you marry that persons whole family. Every family has its dysfunctions. Every family has members that are often times difficult to deal with, but thats what family is all about; sticking together and loving one another, despite what differences or opposing … Read more

Archtypical Fathers

An ideal father is one who is both caring and understanding. To fit this mould, one must express these characteristics. The outlook and actions of King Henry IV (Shakespeare, Henry IV Part 1) and Joseph Strorm (Wyndham, The Chrysalids), suggest characters who do not match the mould of the archetypical ideal father. King Henry IV … Read more

The Evolution of the Family on Television

Television is not just a form of entertainment, it is also an excellent way to study societys ever-changing families. From the beginning of the history of television in the early 1950s to present day, there have been many television shows and sitcoms about the common North American family. Todays sitcoms have single-parent households, several friends … Read more

Divorce: The Effect on the Children

Divorce, once uncommon in our society, is now becoming more and more frequent, disrupting our childrens state of well-being. Some children of divorced families have long-term behavior problems such as depression, low self-esteem, poor school performance, acting out, and difficulties with intimate relationships. Children with divorced or divorcing parents often have a sense of abandonment, … Read more

Divorce and the Effect on Children Kathryn Hill

In years past, the American Dream for most young girls’ is to grow up and be married to Prince Charming and to “Live Happily Ever After! ” Although this may be expected – it is rarely fulfilled. Marriage is the legal and binding union between a man and woman. Yet when couples marry, they vow … Read more

Broken families: I Wish I Knew

Broken families are often hard to live in. Especially divorced ones. Its one thing for your parents to split-up when youre a young child, but its another when you go through 15 years of your life thinking that youll always be a family like I did. I would have to say the most significant time … Read more

Family Description & Structure

Even though the Agbayani family is of Filipino descent, they can be seen as similar as any other working class nuclear family living in the United States. Reynelyns household and immediate family consist of her father (Rodrigo), mother (Lorna), older sister (Heidi), younger brother (Leo), and herself. Her extended family on her fathers side live … Read more

Henry David Thoreau’s Quest for Reformation

While strolling through the forests near Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau stumbled across a man and his family. The father, John Field had moved to America from Ireland with his wife and his son in order to “improve [their] condition one day” (Walden, 139). Henry listened intently to what John had to say about his … Read more

On the Incest Taboo

Sam Vaknin’s Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web SitesIncest is not such a clear-cut matter as it has been made out to be over millennia of taboos. Many participants claim to have enjoyed the act and its physical and emotional consequences. It is often the result of seduction. In some cases, two consenting and … Read more

The Effects of Teen Pregnancy on Children

There are many obstacles for children of teenage mothers to face. These children have serious disadvantages in contrast to those children who come from nuclear families. Often they lack a father figure, have a high poverty rate, and there are incidents of depression and mental health problems. Many people are blaming the sex education programs … Read more

Institution of Marriage

For as long as the institution of marriage has been around, so too has the belief that it represents the union of one man and one woman. Now gay men and lesbians are challenging that institution. They believe that their relationships mean the same in their sphere as heterosexual marriages do in our sphere. Homosexuals … Read more

Resolving family conflict

Families provide people with an atmosphere in which to live, grow, and develop. A family culture is established by the parents and instilled in the children during their upbringing. A healthy family is a family which follows a set of strong morals, stays loyal to one another, cooperates, and works together to avoid conflict. An … Read more

How Scottish families have changed in the last 100 years

Perhaps the area that has changed the most for Scottish women in the last century is the family and the home. In the first half of the century the norm was for the woman of the house to “service” the male breadwinners within the home and family and to reproduce as their primary roles in … Read more