Social Differences Depicted in "Fences"

Divides Made By Fences Built By definition, the structure of a fence is said to be a barrier that controls access or prevents escape from a specific area. In August Wilson’s Fences, this definition stands for much larger boundaries being set within each character’s interpersonal relationships. The idea of fences being built defines most of … Read more

The lumiere brothers film production

Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumiere are French inventors who pioneered photographic equipment and manufactured the first motion picture camera and projector known as Cinematographe, which led to a new form of art and entertainment known as Cinema. They were both born in Besancon, France and are sons of Antoine Lumiere, a painter turned photographer. When … Read more

The Divergent Opinions of Smith and Rousseau: Natural Sociability and Criticisms of the Division of Labor

Although Adam Smith is considered a great defender of commercial society and Jean-Jacques Rousseau one of its prominent critics, both thinkers share certain criticisms of the division of labor. The two acknowledge that splitting tasks among people leads to the creation of social distinction and to the futile pursuit of happiness in luxury. For Rousseau, … Read more

FIFA 19: Top 5 Overrated Players

Since FIFA 19 is about to release, it’s high time we should start figuring out which players EA could have considered to be on top-of-the-line. Not to forget, EA has been disappointing us for a long time with its ratings, which are primarily based on reputation instead of skills, and if you’re a fan of … Read more

Comparing the Book of John and Genesis

Similarities between Genesis 1 and John 1 are that they both function as creation stories in the sense that they refer to the origin of life on earth. This similarity is explicitly highlighted since both accounts begin with the words “In the beginning….” (Gen 1:1, John 1:1). Both mention God as creator of life and … Read more

Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza

Kooza first premiered in 2007 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where circus conglomerate Cirque du Soleil, the largest theatrical producer on this earthround, was founded in 1983 as part of the 450th anniversary celebrations of Jacques Cariter’s voyage to Canada.Defining “nouveau cirque” by combining circus styles from around the globe, animal free thrills, continuous live music, … Read more

The Ups And Downs Of The Ortiz Family In The PBS Documentary And Dominican Story My American Girls

Film Review- My American Girls: A Dominican Story The documentary takes place in the 1970s in Brooklyn New York. It is about a Dominican household and tells the story of 1st generation Dominican immigrants and the process of acculturation that the children are going through in the United States. Sandra and her husband Bautista work … Read more

Brain Power Vs. Physical Strength: Beowulf’s Character Revealed In Monster Fighting

Beowulf’s fight with Grendel proves his heroic credentials and strength. Grendel, the unstoppable demonic troll, all but surrenders at Beowulf’s squashing grip. The bone-crushing grab, however, raises a crux debated by Beowulf scholars: Does Beowulf make the first move and put the death clamp on the approaching Grendel? Or does the blood-smeared Grendel strike first? … Read more

Analysis Of Oprah’s Therapeutic And Non-therapeutic Communication Styles

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with ten-year-old Zachary details his experience with uncontrollable anger and hearing distressing voices. An article, titled “Children Dealing with Violent Rage”, published on February 18th of 2011, gave insight to how Zach’s parents realized that Zach had a problem. They explained that starting at eighteen months old, Zach threw violent tantrums. He … Read more

A Detailed Review Of Tom Tykwer’s Film Run, Lola, Run

Tom Tykwer’s Run Lola Run is a film that consists of such intricate character relationships and complex cinematic techniques that it is considered to be one of the film industry’s greatest masterpieces (Empire). Tykwer takes advantage of countless filming techniques to emphasize the intensity of scenes and to embellish the story and character developments. I … Read more

Shakespeare’s Reconfiguration of “Tereus, Procne, and Philomela” in Titus Andronicus

  Few of the episodes in Ovid’s Metamorphoses have resonated so powerfully with audiences as Book VI’s story “Tereus, Procne, and Philomela” has been able to. From the time of Metamorphoses’ publication until the present day, the agonizing myth has been retold, modified, and elaborated on in many creative mediums that encompass forms of both … Read more

Padmaavat or Padmavati Movie Review

Padmaavat or Padmavati Movie Review is incomplete without talking about the commotion, aggression, anger and upheaval it created. Padmavati / Padmaavat depicts the legendary, Rani Padmavati, a heroic Rajput Queen of the Hindus. The Karni Sena opposed the film and aggressively demanded a ban; from intense violent threats to the director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, being … Read more

Song of Solomon and Gold’s Metaphor

Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison, explores how each character searches for something, and the novel examines the ways in which they cope when they cannot find it. In the novel, many of the characters are trapped by their materialistic desires. The need to fulfill those desires erodes their souls, making them bitter. For some … Read more

Nicholas Kristoff’s Analysis Of The Connection Between The Syrian Migrant Problem And The Jewish Annihilation As Illustrated In His New York Times Article, Anne Frank Today Is A Syrian Girl

Anne Frank Today is a Syrian Girl: Rhetorical Analysis Op-ed columnist and New York Times author, Nicholas Kristoff, article “Anne Frank Today is a Syrian Girl” argues how the Syrian Refugee Crisis is similar to the Holocaust. He writes about the American reaction to both crisis as well as the lack of empathy and resources … Read more

Idea and Symbols in Stanley Kubrick’s ;Dr. Strangelove;

Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb presents us with a fascinating satirical snapshot of the Cold War. It reflects back at us the absurdity of US (and to a similar extent Soviet) nuclear policy. Unsurprisingly, the film was controversial, accused of “pinko” communism before … Read more

The Role of Junot Diaz in Drown

The effects and significance of unequal powers between males and females appearing in literature has been a popular topic in literary criticism. While a universal way of reading texts from a gender approach is yet to be defined. Kimmel, Hearn & Connell (2005) argued that all literary texts involving characters show a certain degree of … Read more

God Rama In Slumdog Millionaire

One of the scenes that most attracted the audience’s attention in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, a movie directed by Danny Boyle, is the scene in which the blue painted boy appears wearing and standing like God Rama. The movie won eight academic awards. It tells the story of eighteen years old boy, Jamal Malik, who … Read more

Misogyny in the Lyrics of Rap Music

Rap Music and Misogyny If you consider yourself a fan of rap music, you have probably screamed the lyrics of A$AP or Kanye or Drake in your car, but have you ever realized exactly what you are saying when you do it? A large part of rap music’s appeal is that it has lyrics that … Read more

The song ‘I will always love you’

Dolly Parton is an American singer who originally wrote the song ‘I will always love you’ in 1974 then later on she recorded another version for the 1982 movie ‘the best little whorehouse in Texas’ she originally wrote this song after a breakup. Whitney Huston was… In 1992 the late Whitney Huston remade the song … Read more

The Impact of Cartoons: Analyzing Shrek

Animated Movies Influence On Watchers Since the time of cartoons, children have been avidly watching. The fun characters on the screen go on wacky adventures with their friends and learn throughout it. Without realizing, the characters learn lessons that, in turn, the watcher will be learning as well. Judith Halberstam, in Animating Revolt and Revolting … Read more

The Unconventional Representation of Masculinity in the "Drummer Boy of Shiloh"

The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, written in 1960 by Ray Bradbury depicts the true story of a young drummer boy who fought in the Battle of Shiloh. This short narrative displays the hardships of war through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old boy. The violence and grief often portrayed in stories of war is replaced with … Read more

A Review of Elizabeth Joseph’s Essay My Husband’s Nine Wives on the Positive Aspects of Polygamy

In “My husband’s nine wives”, Elizabeth Joseph presents the positives aspects of Polygamy. Joseph describes her lifestyle as a wife in a Polygamus relationship. She explains how her daily life works, how the wives share the husband’s time. And how she prefers Polygamy to Monogamy. The article, however presents a one side argument. Joseph’s portrayal … Read more

The repression and war in Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

The autobiographical novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, depicts the life altering experiences she encounters from growing up during the Iranian revolution and war. Satrapi’s naive and minimalistic perception of war drastically changes as she becomes an adult, by witnessing tragedies and death of family members and friends throughout the novel. Moreover, she becomes more coherent … Read more

What is CRISPR and how does it operate

The history on this topic actually starts thousands of years ago with selective breeding in animals. Through breeding selectively, we strengthened useful traits in plants and animals. We became good at this, but never fully were able to understand how it really worked. Then we found the code of life, Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). It’s a … Read more

Silence and Language in “A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe”

Maxine Kingston’s The Woman Warrior wrestles with the importance of language for Chinese-American women, using Kingston’s own life experiences as the novel’s foundation. In the book’s final chapter, “A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe,” she details her developing relationship with silence and language. Kingston voices her frustration and mistrust of Chinese tradition in that … Read more