Interpreting of social problems in Bowling For Columbine And Koyaanisqatsi

Why do people watch documentaries? Probably to obtain information visually. It is needed for documentaries to be informative and interesting to watch at the same time. Two interesting, informative documentaries Bowling for Columbine and Koyaanisqatsi. Yet, they are very different when it comes to conveying messages. Bowling for Columbine reveals problems that are hidden in … Read more

Assessment of the Documentary Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve, By James Corbett

Central banking systems are highly complex, secretive, and powerful. In the documentary “Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve,” filmmaker James Corbett aims to provide an easily understandable overview of the United States Central Bank. In plain English, Corbett explores the fundamental questions of what is money and how should it be made. … Read more

Analysis Of The Core Ideas Presented In The Documentary “The Secrets Of Sugar”

What is this sweetener that many unknowingly crave in their modern diet? The sweet component known as sugar has successfully been rooted in today’s society a necessity. An ingredient that most everyone loves. Some may even claim that consuming sugar equates to the same effects that an addiction has on the brain. Studies are now … Read more

The Ups And Downs Of The Ortiz Family In The PBS Documentary And Dominican Story My American Girls

Film Review- My American Girls: A Dominican Story The documentary takes place in the 1970s in Brooklyn New York. It is about a Dominican household and tells the story of 1st generation Dominican immigrants and the process of acculturation that the children are going through in the United States. Sandra and her husband Bautista work … Read more

Women Issues in Media in Miss Representation, a Documentary by Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Miss Representation Reflection Paper The Miss Representation documentary taught me more about the issues on women in media as well as the challenges they face within themselves and from males. As a student trying to get into the PR/entertainment industry I felt like this film helped provide an understanding to how women are viewed and … Read more

A Study of People and Politics in The Crucible and Citizenfour

Composers represent the ultimate powerlessness of ordinary people through the ways in which they explore the complex and dynamic relationship between people and politics. Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” written in a communist fearing period within American history known as the “Red Scare”, aims to reveal the effects of mass hysteria upon society and the … Read more

America Before Columbus – Film Critique Assignment

America Before Columbus is an informative history documentary that shows the life in Europe, prior to the European exploration, the Columbian exchange and its impact, and the conditions after the Columbian discovery of America. It does a wonderful job of putting basic factual information that is readily accessible in a different perspective. Usually, life prior … Read more

Analysis Of “The True Cost” Documentary: The Consequences Of Fast Fashion

The True Cost documentary which is filmed and directed by Andrew Morgan is concentrated on fast fashion. This documentary reflects on numerous aspects of the apparel industry from production, the life of a low wage worker, and the global effect of cheap clothing’s. These workers are forced to work in poor condition for the satisfaction … Read more

The Different Cultures in Africa, Mongolia, Japan, and the United States in Babies, a Film Documentary by Thomas Balmes

Throughout the documentary Babies, the audience is given an insight on four different cultures: Africa, Mongolia, Japan, and the United States. The film focuses on the development and cultural traditions of bearing and raising and infant. According to Piaget, this entire film is documenting the child’s sensorimotor stage of life. The sensorimotor stage is from … Read more

Analysis Of The Documentary Film “Facebookistan”: Implications Of Social Media Influence

With a user base of nearly one third of the global population, Facebook is the largest social networking platform on the internet. Guided by their corporate manifesto of constructing a more connected and open world, Facebook connects individuals across digital space through their online profiles; however, just how open is Facebook itself? The documentary Facebookistan … Read more

Review Of the Documentary “Under the Dome” And the Risks Associated With Air Pollution in China

The “Under the Dome” documentary exposed the harshness of China’s air pollution crisis. It showed the damaging effects that it is having on the millions of people that inhabit the area and exposes the companies that are responsible for allowing it to happen. This stems from oil and petroleum companies having an extreme amount of … Read more

Critical Paper on the Documentary film entitled “Poverty, Inc.”

Millions and millions of people that is living across the world is under the state of squalidness in terms of sickness, hunger and desperation. This pandemic poverty causes the most highly and deadly punishment in the world. However, this horror of poverty seemed to be normal for the privileged minority and considered as an inevitable … Read more

Social documentary photography

A social issue is a problem that influences a large number of the people within society. It is often a conflicting opinion on the grounds of what is perceived as a morally right. Social issues are affecting the world as we get on with our everyday lives. Photography is a key element within documenting these … Read more

A Reflective Essay on the ‘Best of Enemies’ Documentary

‘Best of Enemies’ revolved around two highly intelligent yet complete polar opposites in ideologies William F. Buckley Jr., a conservative, and Gore Vidal, a liberal, as they battle out their wits during the Republican and Democratic Conventions of 1968. They genuinely despised each other, as evidenced by their debates, until both of them committed ad … Read more