What is Motown and what is Soul music? What makes them similar and what makes them different?

What is Motown and what is Soul music? What makes them similar and what makes them different? Motown started in Detroit, Michigan the name is also defined as motor town. Motown played is an important role in the racial integration of popular music as an African American-owned record label that achieved significant crossover success. In … Read more

Black Culture Generalised by Charles W. Chessnutt’s The Conjure Woman

In order to rationalize the south’s peculiar institution of slavery, the southern plantation novel surfaced. It idealized the plantation lifestyle by creating and romanticizing characters that otherwise would be viewed upon as evil by blacks—the oppressed. Life was portrayed as easy and carefree by the staple icon, the plantation owner or planter—faithfully called a “Southern … Read more

Origin of Fetish in ‘The Conjuring Stories’

A fetish object assumes distinct, almost superstitious power and is often associated with sexual gratification, desire, and worship. As explained in “Sexualization in the Media,” “Fetishization marks a cultural, psychological, and social technique of fetishizing things by making them appear larger than life, animate, or sexually desirable”. It is argued that this process has profoundly … Read more

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman: Role of Characters’ Opinions

One of the most distinctive and immediately impressive things about Ernest Gaines’ novel, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, is the way the author opens his story with an introduction of a collective of speakers, his cast of character/narrators, so to speak. Gaines weaves his narrative through an interplay between the organizing consciousness of the … Read more

Dogs In Cages: The Dangers of City Living in Ann Petry’s The Street

In Ann Petry’s novel The Street, even the most simple, everyday objects take on fiendish personalities and shifting, threatening aspects. From the cruel wind in the story’s opening chapter to the hard, bitter street itself, glaring situational cruelty and injustice brings vivid color to the narrative. Even the walls, as Petry describes, “were reaching out … Read more