Sima Qian: The Han Dynasty

Sima Qian and the Han Dynasty Sima Qian was the official court historian of the Han Dynasty, and the one who recorded much of what we know today about the rise of Imperial China. The Han Dynasty, in which he lived, was officially Confucian; however, once one delves deeper into the essence of the Han … Read more

Upper-Class Homes in Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, the domus was the type of house occupied by the upper classes and some wealthy freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras. It could be found in almost all the major cities throughout the Roman territories. The upper classes of Roman society constructed their residences with extravagant marble decorations, inlaid marble paneling, … Read more

The History of Superheroes

I.INTRODUCTION A superhero or a superheroine (which is found in 1917) is a type of heroic stock character, usually possessing supernatural or superhuman powers, who is dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, and usually battling supervillains while in some of the people, a superhero cannot be defined solely by superhuman powers like Batman, he … Read more

The way of non-violence by Cesar Chavez

After Martin Luther King’s assassination, there were many people who wanted to fight back violently due to this misfortune. Cesar Chavez tries to persuade the people to help them to see that the only way to get meaningful and impactful change is through nonviolent actions. His use of juxtaposition and antithesis to the fundamental beliefs … Read more

Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton

Introduction Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Virginia; his father was a prominent man who owned over 1,400 acres of land. His mother came from one of the famous families in Virginia. As such, he had a very comfortable childhood devoid of any financial constraints. Alexander Hamilton on the other hand was … Read more

The Romanticism of Wordsworth and Shelley: A Poetry of the “Happiest Moments?”

Wordsworth said that ‘poetry is passion, it is the history or science of feeling’. In conjunction with Shelley’s quote, this is a bold statement to make. Not only does Wordsworth name poetry as the ‘science’ of emotion –creating an authorial sense of logic –but also as the ‘history’ of feeling. This suggests that poetry has … Read more

All About Antique Wood Rocking Chairs

There is something about antique wood rocking chairs that gives us a rather homey feeling. Whenever antique rocking chairs are mentioned, the image of our great great great grandmothers quietly lounging at the front porch overlooking a vast farm come to mind. While antique rocking chairs are rather expensive, the thought that they once gave … Read more

Salem Witch Trials

Mrs. Le Andra English 925 January 2018 The salem witch trials Event / era – salem witch trials Time – between February 1692 and May 1693 Place – colonial Massachusetts Event summary The trials took place in colonial massachusetts. A few young girls were claiming to be possessed by the devil and suspicions began to … Read more

The effects of the Market Revolution from 1800 through 1860

Document 1- Lagonda Agricultural Works Print: Features the reaper, from the 1830s, in Springfield Ohio. The print is probably an advertisement for the reaper, with the purpose of promoting it to farmers and visually depicting its form and function in order for them to want to use it for efficiency and greater bounties. Document 2- … Read more

The Eocene epoch

An element of the paradigm of the Grande Coupure was the apparent extinction of all European primates at the Coupure: the recent discovery (Kohler and Moya-Sola 1999) of a mouse-sized early Oligocene omomyid, reflecting the better survival chances of small mammals, further undercut the Grand Coupure paradigm. Whether this abrupt change was caused by climate … Read more

Ancient Greece And Ancient Persia

When we as Westerners think of antiquity’s greatest civilizations, surely classical Greece comes to mind. Many aspects of ancient Greek culture survive today in various facets of our modern society: democracy, drama and western philosophy, just some of the first few that come to mind. As paramount as these contributions are, surely we as Westerners … Read more

The significance of federalism in the USA

Federalism is a system that is embedded into the politics of the USA; federalism involves the sharing of powers between the different levels of government: the State governments and the Federal government. Federalism is a significant factor in the USA, but it does not even exist in some countries; for example, the United Kingdom has … Read more

The Fall of the Roman Empire

The demise of the Roman Empire cannot be attributed to one cause alone. Instead, it was the result of the decrease in population, loss of land, and deception. One of the things that played a significant role in speeding, however, was the expansion of its empire. At its peak under Emperor Augustus, the entire population … Read more

The Positive and Negative Impacts of the Californian Gold Rush of the 1849 on Westward Expansion in the United States

The Californian Gold Rush of the 1849 had its positive and negative impacts on westward expansion including the increase in population leading to development of California as a state, the removal of Native Americans, and both the stimulation of economy and monetary instability. To begin, the impact of the Californian Gold Rush on westward expansion … Read more

Ideas Of Feminism In the Short Story I Stand Here Ironing

New Historicism and “I Stand Here Ironing” Tillie Olsen’s short story “I Stand Here Ironing”, appears to be a byproduct of an oppressed, single, working-class mother. With many elements also containing feminist influences, it would make sense to take a Feminist or Post-Feminist approach to critically analyzing our story. However, because of Tillie Olsen’s intriguing … Read more

Ancient Egyptian Construction and Architecture

The ancient Egyptian construction and architecture (dates back to five thousand years Before Christ), is considered as one of the most important civilizations that was influential throughout the history. The Arabic Republic of Egypt is a country that includes many interesting ancient architectural temples, pyramids, tombs, buildings and monuments that are aligned along the Egyptian … Read more

No Pain, No Gain

One of Benjamin Franklin’s most memorable aphorisms in The Way to Wealth is the phrase “There are no gains, without pains” (2). This phrase has entered the American lexicon and become an established aphorism that represents the American work ethic and the larger ethos of the United States’ culture and economy. Immediately before this aphorism, … Read more

Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks: A Woman of Power Rosa Parks has been known for decades as the African American women who refused to give up her seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama. This bold move triggered bus boycotts all throughout the city. She is known now as a civil rights activist that was a significant … Read more

Francisco Pizarro Biography

Francisco Pizarro was born around 1474 in Trujillo, Spain. Pizarro’s parents were Captain Gonzalo Pizarro and Francisca Gonzalez. His father was a poor farmer and his mother was of humble heritage. For most of his childhood he grew up herding his father’s pigs. In 1510, he went with Spanish explorer Alonzo de Ojeda on an … Read more

What happened in the Rwandan Genocide

The “Rwandan Genocide” happen between April and June of 1994. During just 100 days 800,000 Rwandans were killed. Some of the reasons the Genocide occurred since 1916 when Belgian colonists arrived, and produced identity cards in which Tutsis were considered to be superior to the Huts, and it was obvious Tutsis welcomed this idea because … Read more

What is paella?

Paella? yeah I’m trying to be more easily understandable in my writing than having that bla bla in foreword which I’ve been doing all this time, and now I’m trying to avoid it which is not easy, so the goal is to achieve rather brief gastronomical history yet full of reading point. So what is … Read more

Imhotep’s Biography

About 4600 years ago today we lost a true scholar, an Egyptian polymath, and a true vision seeker, Imhotep. Imhotep was a bold man who learned from his successors, and his name meant “He Who Comes in Peace” and that was truly who he was. He was the only Egyptian to be fully deified, becoming … Read more

Two Interpretations of “A Slumber did my spirit seal”

William Wordsworth’s poem “A slumber did my spirit seal” compels different interpretations with different readers. In this case, two critics, Cleanth Brooks and F.W. Bateson, analyze the poem and produce two contrasting interpretations. For the most part both critics focus on examining the same facts in the poem, especially, the final two lines of the … Read more