Cause and Effect of Suicide in our Society

Annalise Isola January 14, 2018 English research final paper, Period G Cause and Effect of Suicide in our Society Suicide voluntarily taking one’s own life occurs in every country in the world. In Western societies suicide is recognized as a leading cause of early death, a major public health problem and a tragedy for individuals … Read more

The Impact of the Power of Lies, Reputation, and the Theme of Revenge in The Crucible, a Play by Arthur Miller

Power of lies + Reputation = REVENGE Revenge can be taken in many different ways, such as fights, lies , arguments, etc. In Arthur Miller’s Crucible, the theme of revenge plays a major role. He based this book on the Salem Witch Trials which took place in the early 1950’s. All the characters were somehow … Read more

Speak and the Birds’ Symbolism

Anguish, hope, and forgiveness may not be the first connections a person makes to the idea of birds. In her novel, Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson is able to transform ordinary birds into powerful symbols. Heavy/controversial topics are discussed in Anderson’s work, and not all of her message can be conveyed through literal concepts on the … Read more

Different types of communication behaviour

Behavioural Communication is defined as a psychological construct which influences individual differences in the expression of feelings, needs, and thoughts as a substitute for more direct and open communication. Specifically, it refers to people’s tendency to express feelings, needs, and thoughts by means of indirect messages and behavioral impacts. It can be argued that much … Read more

Peace, Economic, Technological And Demographic Imperatives Of Intercultural Communication

Meaning is shared among communication partners who encode and decode messages. This process can be complex when communication partners involve struggle to attribute the same meaning. Partners from different cultures can find it very difficult to share meaning and might perceive communication between cultures as a challenge. If you are South African, you are inevitably … Read more

My Personal Experience with Cultural Diversity

Cultural Differences; A Personal Story Culture is the summation of several different aspects, most often accounted for by geographic locations. Some of these aspects include traditions, norms, and religion. However, it can certainly be even more refined than that. To me, an adequate definition of my culture would include several different realms. Some of which … Read more

Confirmation Bias In The Diagnostic Process

The Capricorn astrology symbol dates from December 22nd to January 19th. It is said that Capricorns are born leaders. They are controlling, disciplined, good managers, responsible, loyal, and honest. Capricorns can also be bossy, unforgiving, cold, materialistic, and snobbish. It is easy to spot a Capricorn because they are the one who is most likely … Read more

Pro Globalist and Anti Globalist View from Developed Country Perspective

This essay will focus on the two following views; Pro Globalist and Anti Globalist and how they can be viewed from two different perspectives, one of a developed country and another of a developing country. Both perceive globalization as opportunity and threat in their own context. While discussing the pros and cons of globalization, we … Read more

Jane Goodall: biography

Jane Goodall was born on April 3, 1934, in London, England. She started liking animals during her early years. In her leisure time, she observed birds and nature. Since she was little she would dream of going to Africa to find exotic animals. She would make sketches and notes about the animals she would observe. … Read more

Text Recension: “Sex And Death In The Rational World Of Defense Intellectuals” 

Carol CohnDr. Carol Cohn is a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and the founding director of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights; leader in the scholarly community addressing issues of gender in global politics, armed conflict and security. Her research and writing has focused on gender and security issues. The analyzed … Read more

Lone Ranger and Tonto: Struggles with Isolation and Assimilation

Sherman Alexie’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven is a collection of short stories that explores the continuing Native American struggles in the modern era. The product of more than 500 years of oppression and persecution, the world of the Native American reservations is plagued by poverty, dysfunction, and alcoholism. Living in one … Read more

Names and Its Significance in a Culture

Our names give an impression of who we are and can be very powerful in determining how people perceive others. The first impression people have about others is through their appearance. The second impression people have about others is through their name. When two strangers meet, they usually start with an introduction of themselves by … Read more

How To Care For The Elderly At Home

Share Grandparents, parents, in-laws or uncles may need our care when they reach a certain age. Although some families choose to take their relatives to specialized care centers or hire someone to assist them, others decide to keep them in the home and give them the attention they deserve. Learn in this article several tips … Read more

The Concept of Gender Performativity and its Role

Understanding Gender performativity In the 1950s, J.L Austin, the British philosopher explored and explained his perspective of ‘performative language’. He is the first person who divided language into two types: constative and performative. (Butler, 2004) John Searle’s theory of ‘speech act’, the phenomenological theory of ‘acts’ and Simone de Beauvoir’s notion on “one is not … Read more

Imigrants Challenges That Push Them To Seek The American Dream: The Joy Luck Club

Thousands of immigrants arrive in America every year with the hope that a new life, a better life, awaits them. The come in search of “the American Dream,” the hope that there are higher paying jobs, quality public schools to send their children to, and a safer environment filled with opportunities and choices. Typically, immigrants … Read more

Importance of Communication in Project Management

Communication performs an essential profession in maintaining a challenge on the project. The project supervisor encumbered with controlling all circumstances of the duty, together with the conversion plan. The specifications of the oral transaction, including of the procedure and regularity, range depending on the PM’s choices. Know-how, the scope of the conversion plan, helps a … Read more

Mass Incarceration in Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

For this paper, I intend to focus on Michelle Alexander’s award-winning book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, which centers itself on the object of mass incarceration. Alexander’s stunning account of the American mass incarceration system pulls to the forefront the disproportionate amount of black men in the United States … Read more

Anger in Society

People in society display anger in various ways, for seemingly unrelated reasons. Three major sources of unnecessary anger in society include when individuals don’t get what they want, have a difference of opinion, and when they feel their time is being wasted. A paper by Edward O’Brien, Brad Bushman and Phyllis Anastasio explores the role … Read more

Email as a means of communication

Communication: New communication methods have brought a change to how people are working, this includes the ways in which they work in and how they work together for instance, the facilities used by the employees and the technology being used by them. It is almost impossible to be in a work place that does not … Read more

Why Do People Immigrate?

Immigration is primarily the movement of people from their country to a different country of which they do not have citizenship. According to the data of the Census Bureau, there are almost 42.4 million immigrants in the United States. According to the data of 2015, there are approximately 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. … Read more

Why People Loot During Disasters And What Can Be Done To Resolve The Issue

What is a disaster? According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies a disaster is a sudden, calamitous event that seriously disrupts the functioning of a community or society and causes human, material, and economic or environmental losses that exceed the community’s or society’s ability to cope using its own resources. … Read more

The Important Roles of the Speaker and Audience in Effective Communication

Effective communication involves effective speaking and active listening. Verbal exchanges in discussions are not sufficient in relaying messages. Other factors such as tonal variations and non-verbal cues are also crucial. Research has proven that non-verbal cues are the most useful devices in communication, followed by tonal variations and lastly verbal exchanges. Both the speaker and … Read more

Arguments In Support For Ethical Egoism

James Rachels describes, ethical egoism as being a normative theory with the idea that each person, pursues or, “is ought to pursue their own self-interests exclusively”. Rachels explains that we have no moral duty, but to only focus on ourselves. Rachels takes note of that given the central egoist belief, it doesn’t really take after … Read more

The Daughters of Aataentsic

Introduction When one looks through history, there is something the Wyandot knew that most other cultures are only recently discovering. This is the importance of a balanced society where both men and women are fully able to contribute their abilities and talents to the community. In this paper, I will be focusing specifically on the … Read more

Emoji language

The digital age has brought with it many innovations in technology. The creation of emojis is one such innovation that has remained a firm fixture in the use of language in the digital arena since its introduction in the 1990s (Alshenqeeti). Indeed, it could also be said that the use of emojis has become so … Read more

The Benefits of Project-Based Learning in Education

Many schools around the world is based on students receiving homework and tests to further their knowledge to be successful. Why do that, if students will be more engaged and learn better with project-based learning. Project-based learning will create rich, perceiving models of the topic presented to them. Project-based learning does not relinquish control of … Read more

The Government Inspector, a play by Nikolai Gogol: A Critical Review of the Gossip of Zemlyanika

Within Nikolai Gogol’s The Government Inspector play, Artemi Philippovich Zemlyanika engages in gossip; Zemlyanika makes certain unconfirmed assertions about Judge Ammos Fyodorovich Lyapkin Tyapkin, Ivana Kuzmich Shpyokin, and Luka Lukich Khlopov. Although he serves alongside these three individuals within the local government, Zemlyanika speaks ill of these three colleagues. To this end, Zemlyanika claims that … Read more

Youtube data analysis

Recently, YouTube has started working with content providers (known as YouTube partners) to promote the users’ watching and sharing activities. The substantial benefit is to further augment its service and monetize more videos, which is crucial to both YouTube and its partners, as well as to other providers of relevant services. In this paper, our … Read more

Homosexuality and religion

“ These days, people love to engage their mind debating about controversial topics and express their perspectives on the issue. One arguably controversial topic is ‘Gay Marriage’; it is debated so often because of the different views behind it. Gay marriage is defined as marriage between partners of the same sex. There are laws which … Read more

Journal entries by Mrs Bentley

Mrs Bentley, wife of a Protestant minister, she wrote journal entries regularly. The couple moved to another small town, called “Horizon”. Mrs. Bentley, was the loss hope for Philip (her husband), who became far more distant. As she notes her feelings, she is clear, as she suspects her husband, is nothing but contempt of her … Read more

Relationship between Law and Society

Law and society are related to each other. Nothing can explain without any of them. Society becomes the jungle without the law. Law also needs to be changed according to the changes the society faces, because without the necessary changes law cannot keep pace with society. Without the control of the law, the society became … Read more