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Zomblock Survival Analysis

Zomblock Survival by Paul H to some it might seem like a beautiful day in Autobahn but i’ve been here so long its just like an eternal deja vu. Here we go again. around and around again. As the clock ticks down and with weapons ready I get ready to sprint to the nearest tank. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! The buzzer sounds and we are all running to get to our favorite vehicle, mine the tank. I get into the tank and begin to cruise towards the center of the map stopping in the village to capture our base.

I continue towards the bridge gunshots baze from the bridge I scope in and see a anti air tank and open fire the pilot dismounts and tries to make a run for it he gets halfway off the bridge when a blast from a chopper nails him, and so I continued on then everything went dark, we had won. The next round started like every other round, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! this time I went in on foot and crossed into the village and captured our base and then headed straight for the forest once i got there I slowed to a walk and trudged on across the rough terrain.

Can hear helicopters overhead and look up to watch them battle the enemy chopper finally dropped and the pilot came parachuting down I ran to the landing zone and scoped in on him as he landed. bang! bang! bang! Headshot! Headshot! Headshot! As I continue something shiny catches my eye, i stop and stare a small stone gleaming on its own, a diamond in a world of coal. I picked it up and looked at it, it was as smooth as Lake George early one fall morning. As I looked at it it began to move, transform right in my hand to a cube shaped object, I tried to drop it but I couldn’t, I physically could not drop the stone.

I looked around for someone to help but it was then that I noticed that the world around me was going pixelated, everything was morphing into some cube shaped thing. Then everything went black. I was gone. “relax dad he’s out cold” A soft sweet voice rang from out of the dark”but why does he look so weird? so… un-block like? ” A deeper less pleasant voice came from the dark. then I remembered what happened the round, the Chopper, The stone! and just like that I woke up and took a look around I was in a quaint little farm house lit by one ceiling fan light and the rest by candlelight.

Sitting on the side of my bed was a women a strange woman, she looked like a bunch of boxes had been arranged to make the figure of a woman but had been painted on with magic paint and was so detailed she had bright blue square eyes with long black flowing hair. “Are you ok? ” her voice rung through the air like the song of an angel. “yea i’m fine” I said still staring into her eyes, she blushed. I snapped back to my senses when a much less attractive old man moved her aside and started asking me questions.

He put a knife to my throat and asked with utmost sincerity “who are you? and what are you doing here? but before he could finish I had him face first on the floor with his hands behind his back. ”I am corporal Samuel M. Dexter from Team two of the Red crucible Autobahn map on Team Deathmatch mode” I hollered at him, then lowered my voice and said” so i’ll tell you what, i’ll let you go and we can have a talk, you tell me where i am and we have no more fighting deal? ” I stared wide eyed down at his squished gruffy face on the floor.

He hesitated then ”Deal” he said through gritted teeth. I slowly got off and stood up and smelled the air it was different than the air on the autobahn map this was much sweeter. I turned to look at the daughter who was staring wide eyed and mouth open up at me but quickly came to her senses and looked away. her face turned deep red as a tomato. “well I guess i’ll put on some coffee then, how do you like your coffee? ”said the girl”black, just straight black thanks” I said with a smile. her dad followed after her. “i’m watching you” he said indicating so with his hands. hen we all had moved down to the living room i looked around and noticed that all the windows had been barricaded up leaving only small holes to look through. “why are all the windows barricaded up” I asked slinging my gun back over my shoulder and checking to see how much ammo I had left in my handgun.

“The walkers are attracted to light so at night we have to block the windows” he said “walkers? ” I asked “yea you know, the living dead, walkers, zombies, whatever you like to call them” I stopped and stared at him “you’re kidding right? he looked back at me and said”would you like to go take a waltz with them? ” he sat down and began polishing his pump action shotgun, I sat down across from him and began to clean my own weapon. “you are in zombieland” said the farmer we have to survive on our own. occasionally we get visitors but they soon leave” said the farmer. just then his daughter came back with a fresh pot of coffee the smell of which filled up the whole room.

I took a sip, it was like heaven had touched my mouth. thank you very much for the coffee, and what’s your name? ” “Rose” she said blushing” Rose Tyler. ” “thank you Rose for the coffee” I said taking another sip, It truly was amazing coffee. “and what about you sir? what’s your name? ” “Leroy” he said cocking his shotgun “Leroy Tyler” “well it’s a pleasure meeting you considering the circumstances” I said with a final clink of my gun landing softly on the table putting it on the table. “so how did I get here? ” I said between sips of coffee “Well for starters tell us all you

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