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World War II and Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the individual who was responsible for World War II. Hitler who was leading Germany invaded Poland. In a result to that, France and Britain felt unsafe that even they can get invaded anytime by Germany. So, France and Britain declared a war against Germany and this time marked the beginning of World War II. There were many causes which led to World War II.

Among the causes of World War II were Italian fascisms in thee 1920s period, invasions of China in the 1930s period and especially the political takeover in 1933 of Germany by Hitler and his Nazi Party and its aggressive foreign policy. The Treaty of Versailles: In World War I, The Treaty of Versailles ended between Germany and Germany’s allies. The treaty was very harsh against Germany as Germany had lost the war. Germany was even forced to accept the responsibility of the damages suffered by the allies during the war. The treaty required Germany to pay a huge sum of money to the allies. Japanese Expansion: Before World War II, Japan was expanding rapidly but Japan being an island did not have the resources to sustain its growth. Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 and China in 1937 as they needed resources to grow their empire.

Fascism: Some countries were taken over by the dictators who formed fascist governments. Spain was the first country to have a fascist government which was ruled by a dictator named Franco. Then after that Mussolini took control over Italy. To expand their territory, these dictators searched for lands which they could conquer. Ethiopia was invaded and taken over by Germany in 1935. Adolf Hitler would surpass Mussolini in his takeover of Germany.

Hitler and his Nazi Party: The Germany eagerly wanted someone to turn around their economy and make them powerful. This was the time that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party rose to power. Adolf Hitler got hope into the Germans. Hitler was proclaimed the leader of Germany in 1934. Hitler resented all the restrictions put on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. Adolf Hitler allied Germany with Italy and after that looked after expanding the empire and getting Germany back to its power. The first territory that it took over was Austria in 1938. When he saw that the League of Nations didn’t stop him and did nothing about it, he took over Czechoslovakia in 1939.

Appeasement: After World War 1, the nations in Europe attacked their neighbors in order to build their empire. While Italy and Germany kept on attacking their neighbors, Britain and France tried to keep peace as they did not want another war. Just like some of the causes mentioned above there were many more causes with led to World War II. World War II wasn’t caused by a single individual, it was caused by many groups of individuals, events, incidents and countries however Adolf Hitler who took over Germany played a massive role in the cause of World War II.

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