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Why should and shouldn’t PED user be in the hall of fame

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa all these players have something in common they all took performance-enhancing drugs also known as P.E.D. There’s always a debate over if PED user should be in the hall of fame or not and there is always a good reason to back them up and I am going to talk about theses reason today.

What is PED?

PED is a substance that is used to improve a humans performance. You are probably still wondering why players use them, athletes take these drugs to get a build mass and strength which can also determine how hard you through and hit the baseball, for example, Barry Bonds he took steroids and hit 73 home runs In one season and his record hasn’t been touched since.

Some voters have said, quite reasonably, that they will vote for players from baseball’s so-called Steroid Era but not those who have been found guilty of cheating. And, again, that makes sense: It’s not fair to punish players for the indiscretions of their associates.

Another reason why they should, P.E.D is not a critical advantage in baseball. The key factors determine baseball player’s ability to perform has absolutely nothing to do with steroids. The player still has to have the ability to identify the pitch and time it or even a pitcher throwing a slider in the strike zone also has nothing to do with steroids. But then, there’s almost no doubt some players who were never caught cheating did indeed cheat. And if one of those guys earns a plaque, it hardly seems fair to decline the honor to players who confessed their guilt. Without large evidence to determine who used and who didn’t, trying to distinct for the sake of Hall of Fame voting ultimately amounts to electing guys based on their public-relations skills.

People sometimes ask, “How am I supposed to explain to my kid that Barry Bonds made the Hall of Fame even though he took steroids?” But that actually takes, like, 20 seconds: “The Hall of Fame honors great players, son, not great men. Barry Bonds might have been a jerk, and he was willing to break the law to be better at baseball. But man, could that guy hit.”.In an era when Major League Baseball did not actively police steroids use, a bunch of players took steroids. Some of them played well, some of them did not. And the Hall of Fame should be about only one thing.

Until 2003, Major League Baseball and its teams did nothing to prevent players from taking anabolic steroids to increase their performances, and so many players did. It’s unfortunate, but it really shouldn’t weaken the on-field accomplishments of that era so long as they’re actions.

There is always a debate every season if steroids should be in the hall of fame or not but many of the writers have joined Joe Morgan’s side of the debate. Joe Morgan believes that players that have taken P.E.D don’t deserve a spot in Cooperstown because they knew the guidelines that clearly stated that there should be no player in the MLB to consume performance-enhancing drugs. There are so many baseball players who never took or used P.E.D. They all competed against players who had an illegal advantage over them and pretty much made them look worse. These clean players were all damage in terms of money, career, and status.

To some up players who took P.E.D by saying “ every was doing it “ is ridiculous and should not stand as an argument. MLB players are not teenagers, peer pressure is not a very good reason for doing something wrong and illegal. It’s so unbelievably hard to believe that those who took P.E.D never even felt like they were doing something wrong. It’s understandable that these players need to make more money to support and take care of the families so they got better by P.E.D, that’s fine. But now say “ I’m supposed to be in the hall of fame” is absolutely ridiculous when you know you did something wrong.

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