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Why Mathematics Is Important In Our Day To Day Lives

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Mathematics as we know it, is a discipline that each and every one of us requires in our daily lives. Without it, the world would simply be a dangerous place to live. Would it even be possible to carry out most of the currently achieved inventions and discoveries? The answer would simply be a no! Maths has played a big part in shaping the world into its advancements today (Benacerraf, P. 1991). As interesting as it sounds, it has proven to also be challenging to some people but this greatly depends on an individual (Benacerraf, P. 1991).

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To begin with, I would like to greatly expound on how I have been positively influenced to developing an interest in Mathematics. Numbers have always set an ideal environment for me ever since I started learning it. Whenever I first started my basic education, the first thing that influenced me was being taught how to count. It was very intriguing knowing that I had the ability to count just like every other adult that taught me how to do so. Not too forget, my first mathematics exam was a great success. Being the very best in my math class made me fall deeply in love with maths. I could not take my mind off it. Whenever it comes to this discipline, I have always had a great sense of belonging. This is mostly because I have always found it to be very unique compared too many subjects and I have always performed well since the very first time I was introduced to it. Ever since I have always been quite confident, knowing in mind I only need to improve on my speed thinking.

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Secondly, as I pursue my major in Telecommunications Engineering, it is also important to note the units I will take in Mathematics such as Analytical Geometry as well as Calculus (Puttaswamy, T. K. 2012). This two units will play a vital part in ensuring I safely complete my major and gradually elevate into success. Analytical Geometry is very vital in order to get a greater understanding specifically in Trigonometry as such will influence the sine and cosine form of waves studied in the major. Furthermore, calculus will greatly help me to clearly know how to solve equations given different types of expressions (Stillwell, J. 2010). In my career, Mathematics will be very important as it will be used to ensure there is accuracy during long mathematical calculations and solutions. Also, it will be used to approach several problems at different angles without limiting oneself to a specific discipline. Despite my studies and career, Mathematics also plays a vital role in my daily life. Such include, carrying simple calculations accurately, future financial planning as well as basic counting that can be applied in the house.

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Last but not the least, I used an internet that offered great assistance when it came to utilizing my Mathematical skills. The site referred to as EdReady, has proven to be quite helpful and even a future solution for anybody’s Mathematical problems. The site offered several study topics in well explained form and in addition to the brilliance was carefully illustrated examples with step by step guidance so that even the least knowledgeable student would be able to grasp some knowledge. In addition to this, there were study questions offered for further practice even when one was offline. I found this to be quite helpful since it taught me how to know when to think out of the box or think directly as per the requirements of a question. This being one of my weaknesses, I was finally able to put an end to the embarrassing issue and now I can breathe freely and with a clear mind as well. Not to forget to mention, the site was quite easy to navigate even from the very start, guiding one to sign up for an account and up to how to tackle the lessons.


In conclusion, I would confidently like to mention that Mathematics is a vital discipline in every person’s life. It enables one to have an open mind on how to solve problems because one can approach a problem in math using very many different ways. It also enables one to be alert so as not to commit unnecessary errors and to only aim for accuracy. To be honest, Mathematics can be the best thing that has ever happened to anyone. One step at a time and it will not take one forever to approach success in Mathematics. Without this discipline, the world would certainly not reap the benefits and would not be a better place to live.

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