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Why A Confident Smile Is A Happy Smile

A confident smile is a happy smile. Have you ever had a stranger smile at you while you were out in public? Maybe you were feeling down, but their genuine and friendly smile literally made you turn your frown upside down. All thanks to that random smiley person, your negative attitude suddenly subsided. This is hard to believe that such a small gesture can impact your mood so simply, but I would be lying if I said that I’ve never experienced this feeling. I’m sure you can relate.

With that being said, science can back this up. Where are these happy feelings coming from? Well when you smile at someone, you may feel like you’re experiencing momentary bliss. That is because endorphins are released in the brain when you grin. Endorphins can be described as natural painkillers for the body, which also boost your self-esteem. Smiling is really a simple act of kindness, that can also make you feel better about yourself.

At the same time, freely showing off your pearly whites is something that many people are insecure about doing. After all, your teeth are one of the first attributes people notice about you. When you’re out to lunch with a friend, it’s not fun having to worry about how your teeth look when you laugh. Obsessing over other people’s smiles because you aren’t satisfied with your own, is not worth the self-doubt. So just grin and bear it, because you’re lovely when you’re happy.

As an illustration, someone going in for a job interview with their head held high, and a smile on their face will have a better chance of scoring the job. Employers remark that a person who looks down when they speak to avoid showing their smile during an interview, most likely won’t be hired, because it looks as though they are hiding something. Whereas, that person with an inviting smile exudes a confident demeanor. No matter what you look like, a smile is worth a thousand words and people can recognize that.

With that being said, it’s such a rewarding feeling for me helping children, teens, and adults to build their self-esteem through orthodontic treatment. It’s all worth it seeing that spark of joy in my patient after the job is all said and done. I truly believe that a bright eyed smile has the capacity to allow you to connect with others, without uttering a sound.

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