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Who are the pediatricians?

Pediatrics is the care of infants, children and adolescents. Pediatricians are the primary doctors who will see patients for anything from a minor illness or injury to a major illness or injury. Children usually have the same pediatrician from the time they are born up to the age of 21. A pediatrician requires years of schooling and training. You can further your education and choose to do one of the many pediatric specialties.

Pediatricians are very important considering all the years of schooling and training that come along with the profession. To become a pediatrician, you must graduate medical school and complete a three year residency program of a rotation of general pediatrics, newborn care, and the specialty you are considering. You also have to take the United States medical licensing in order to practice medicine in the United States.

After passing the USMLE, you’ll be able to apply to your state’s board of medical examiners for a medical license. In pediatrics, there are at least 20 subspecialties which include developmental/behavioral pediatricians, pediatric otolaryngology, pediatric neurology, pediatric ophthalmology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric rheumatology, and many more.

Many of these pediatricians receive more extensive training in their area of practice. A person who is interested in furthering their training and specializing in a subspecialty must get certification in general pediatrics and maintain the certification throughout their career. Pediatricians have the education to treat major illnesses, but most patients they see on a daily basis usually have minor illnesses. Pediatricians will treat a cold, fever, infections, and minor injuries. They all also advise patients, parents or guardian on the child’s activity, hygiene, disease prevention, behavioral issues and learning disabilities. A Pediatrician also deals with giving patients routine immunizations that are needed. Pediatricians who deal with major illnesses or injuries on a daily basis usually specialize in a specific kind of condition.

Pediatricians can also be licensed to conduct surgery and can work from 50 to 60 hours. A pediatrician can also expect to work all hours of the day and or night, most are usually on call, so they have to be ready to work if they get called in.

If a child has a developmental, learning, or behavioral problem, They will evaluate, counsel, and provide treatment for the patient. They also look at developmental delays and disabilities, attention and behavioral issues, and if there’s any school difficulties, habit disorders, and anxiety. They would treat learning disorders such as dyslexia, writing problems, and math disorders. Also, they would treat and diagnose attention and behavioral disorders including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and depression. Developmental/behavioral problems also include delayed development in speech, language, and learning skills.

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